Who are we and what is our goal

We are Orit and Patrick and the love for nature and natural things is in our blood, in our genes. Independent of each other and in two different countries, we both were drawn to nature, the forests, hills, mountains, flowers, trees, herbs (well you get the picture...) and also to natural or alternative medicine

In short this is our story

I (Orit) started out as a forest and hillside junkie who comes from a culture where grandma's natural remedies were not considered dribble from the past but are still constantly and successfully used and perfected when possible or necessary

Through all these stories I also developed a passion for what nature has to offer us when it comes to healing. A natural spin off from the healing was that I also started to experiment with homemade or handmade skin care recipes and remedies

Over the years I followed many courses and lectures about nature, natural medicine and natural treatments, started to study homeopathy and received my Classical Homeopathy diploma in early 2005

Before that and also since then I never could sit still, I kept reading up on all things natural and medical, kept following courses and opened my own private Homeopathic Practice where I can practice what I love most: Getting everybody healthy again. And not by simply writing a recipe for some chemical drug with the message: "here, pick it up from the pharmacy...next patient." But with a more human touch and spending time listening to them

...the story continues

My (Patrick) love for nature and all things natural was instilled in me from day 1. Reading, studying, experiencing, absorbing every thing that had anything to do with nature, natural living and natural treatments. For years I gathered all the information and knowledge I could lay my hands on and finally became...a musician...yes, life can be funny, right? Life is just what is happening to us while making other plans ;-)

Years passed by still picking up useful bits and pieces here and there, but no major natural developments. But all the information I gathered was not lost. When I finally met Orit the spark between us also re-lit my fire for all things natural

Also the (sometimes tragic) medical history of my family made me dig deeper into alternative medicine, natural treatments, remedies and cures. All this in depth research brought up some very interesting and useful material

Together doing what we love most!

A few years fast forward, and we now live, work and laugh a lot together and are firm believers that a happy optimistic view on life has a positive influence on your health and your surroundings

We love making (and therefore have) big plans for the future. One of them is making this website a trusted partner and reliable source for natural home remedies, treatments and homemade skin care recipes and remedies

Because that's what we love to do most, helping people out the natural way!

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