Ear Ache & Ear Infection
What is it exactly; and what to do about it

Is the ear pain of an ear infection driving you up the wall? Or maybe your baby is suffering from it and, imagine how it must feel without being able to tell what's going on

You can feel quiet lost in trying to find a relief for that sometimes excruciating but always very annoying pain. Over the years we've heard of many people who were suffering from pains in the ear that were caused by infections and who subsequently tried natural or home remedies to get rid of them

Don’t let this infection get you down, we can do something about it, right now!

What, Why, How and Where

We start with some general information which is very useful in finding out what you are dealing with. Followed by some amazingly effective home remedies and practical ways to prevent it

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What kind of infection are you dealing with?

When your child or you are suffering from that disturbing ear pain most commonly there are two causes:

  • Middle ear infection and inflammation (otitis media) particularly common with babies and younger children. The middle ear is the small part of your ear just inside your eardrum. Often this is a bacterial or viral infection that occurs in the space behind the eardrum where the little hearing bones are situated. Fluids can build up in the normally air filled spaces over there
  • Outer ear canal infection and inflammation (otitis externa or swimmer's ear). Ear canal turns red and you'll have a discharge of pus and fluids from your ear

You can take a look at the symptoms and causes of both of these to find out which one is aggravating you

You will notice that they both have slightly different symptoms so it is relatively difficult to make the distinction yourself. If you are not sure which one you're suffering from please pay your doctor a visit because you need to know 

What is essential however, when dealing with it, and you have to keep this in mind is that you can never be sure if your eardrum (or that of your child) is punctured. So unless you are 101% sure the eardrum is not punctured (because your doctor examined you or your child and told you so) never put anything deep inside the ear canal!

How long does an ear infection last
and other Quick facts

  • The infection should go away by itself in 2 to 3 days. The bacteria and viruses that cause it are usually taken care of by the immune system
  • By the time they are 3 children usually outgrow these infections
  • The earlier your child has a first infection, the more likely the child is to having more
  • Infection in the middle ear is most common in winter, less common in summer
  • When children have family members who have infections in the middle ear they are more likely to get it too
  • Infection in the middle ear is more common in American Indians, Alaskan and Canadian Eskimos, and Australian Aborigines

Continue for symptoms, causes and home remedies for infections in the ear and ear ache 


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If you want to know more about ear infections especially in children please visit the ear section at U.S. Department of Heath & Human Services or Healthline.com and don't forget Wikipedia

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