Homemade Facial Mask Basics
Starting out and setting sail

So with these facial mask basics we decided not to simply give you clear cut facial mask recipes, but also the beginning of a "knowledge toolbox." These tools, or homemade facial mask basics will hopefully get you on your way, so you can slowly and carefully experiment and finally

develop your own signature facial mask that answers to your own personal taste and fulfills your (cosmetic) needs

…wow, just say this in a slightly whispering voice and it sounds like some big bucks commercial…

We begin with a small introduction on how to get your home spa facial mask experience started, followed by a list of possible facial mask ingredients and the benefits they can have on your (facial) skin. Sit back, read and enjoy and hopefully Get Inspired!

Homemade facial mask basics
Prepare to set sail...and enjoy

Going from a simple squashed banana facial to a slightly more sophisticated hydrating mask to a complicated personalized dry skin mask takes some experimenting. When we are whipping up one of our home spa facial mask specialties we know what to do, what to look for and where to look for inspiration. We try to be the very beginning of this same trip for you as well, when you’re finished with these facial mask basics and ingredients you will know how to set sail on your own

And for all you hard core natural D-I-Y’ers maybe there’s a thing or two that might surprise you. Or you could help us and the natural newbies out by making this page more complete by sharing your knowledge about specific ingredients or methods you use when making your personal face masks

With your help we can make this into a gigantic, useful and most important, free database for homemade natural aficionadas (and -dos.) Use the contact us button if you want to share your knowledge and experience with everybody or click here

In the beginning…

In the beginning there was…well basically a liquid and a solid, which is usually a powder of some sort. There are many different solid materials you can use, all with their own purpose and effect and you can mix these with beneficial herbs. Same goes for the liquids by the way (later more on all the ingredients)

An added bonus to your mask and face would be to add a couple of drops of essential oil to your mix. Again there are a many oils suitable for all kinds of skin types, we will give you some basic ideas but we also advise you to do some further research to find the one that best fits your specific skin type and purpose of your mask

It's all in the Mix

After you collected your ingredients you mix your solid(s) and liquid(s) using the desired ratio, again your skin type and purpose of the mask determine what is right

This mix should make a nice smooth and creamy texture that is easy to apply and will stay on your face. You either have to add extra liquid or solid until you get the smooth and creamy consistency you want. When you use mashed or squashed fruits or veggies most of the times you will have a nice basic paste already

Homemade face mask basics

One of the more important facial mask basics is that before you start clean your face with a gentle cleanser and use a gentle scrub so the facial mask ingredients can better penetrate your skin. You could also make a facial steam bath to clean and open up your pores. When you are going to apply a scrub or peeling mask that step is obviously not really necessary

Make sure your hair is out of the way, use a head band, shower cap or make a pony tail

With your clean fingertips or a facial mask spatula apply the mask toyour face in gentle, upward and circular movements. You can apply it all over your neck and chest as well

Take your time

Leave the mask on from 5 to 60 minutes, it all depends on the function and ingredients of course. In some cases you wait until your mask has dried out

After your time is up, gently wash the mask off and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Tone, moisturize and there's your new clean and fresh skin!

More tips?

For those looking for a step up from the facial mask basics, we made a list with quick homemade facial tips & suggestions on how to make your home spa facial mask experience go a bit smoother. See if there’s something you didn't think of yet

Experiment, Research & Develop

After these facial mask basics and reading the ingredients list, do some more research, learn more about potential ingredients and discover many others. This way, you'll be able to design your own signature facial maskthat suits your specific needs

Carefully experiment; there are almost endless possibilities, and so many different benefits. But keep it simple in the beginning and work your way up the homemade facial ladder step by step

Type of mask

What type of mask to use depends of course on your skin type. If you have oily skin, go for a clay or mud mask to absorb excess oil buildup. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating and creamy mask. For sensitive skin you can use a light, gel kind of mask. And for combination skin, you may need more than one mask to treat some specific and different problems

Ready for the ingredients?

Now that you read these facial mask basics, you're ready for the homemade facial mask ingredients list. Remember, carefully experiment and from this list on you can start exploring by yourself

Keep everybody posted

When you finally have designed your own secret signature facial mask, please dont't keep it that way, share it with all our natural beauty aficionadas (and -dos) and make the homemade cosmetics world even more beautiful... ;-) Use the contact us button or simply click here to go to our contact page

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Have Fun!!


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