Natural Hangover Cures
The fastest ways out of Hangover Hell!

You're looking for Hangover Cures and I'm a bit of a mind reader and yours just transmitted: ...well first there is nothing, just a big black hole, followed by this banging and throbbing sound and then…far away… "please, please help me, let it go away, swift and painless"

Since this first aid section for hangover solutions is here to help you and not to make jokes at your expense let's do just that. The jokes will follow later in the: "hate to say I told you so" section

Every solution has its hangover

...or was it the other way around?

Never mind, let's get it over with!

natural hangover cures
natural hangover cures

ONE image of a hangover ;-s

Personal experience

We've collected these hangover cures from clinical insight, suggestions mainly from experienced hungovers and a tiny bit of personal experience

And this is exactly what it is, being drunk and having a hangover is a personal experience. Everybody reacts differently to alcohol (as you may or may not remember anymore...) and therefore also to the use of the following hangover remedies. So pick the one you think would work for you and give it a try

When you've sobered up

When you've sobered up a little, or you're here to get useful information about hangovers in general, you can check out our other hangover sections

Hangover Cures
remedies and solutions

Very officially, that means medically, there is no real cure for hangovers, not like in the way natural antibiotics can cure an infection. The only thing we can do is to try to temper the nasty side effects or symptoms of our body dealing with the excessive alcohol

Take your time

natural hangover cures, time

The only real hangover cure is time, time for our body to break down the alcohol. All that rests us is to spend that time softening the blow to our body and speeding up the process of building our system back to war strength, giving it back what we took from it last night

These Natural Hangover Cures are meant to do exactly that. First we give you the quick basics then the fast follow up


First we want you to know that vomiting is one of the best hangover remedies available. With that we mean the natural way, if you feel you have to throw up, please do so (not that you have any real choice). Although it might not feel that way, this is the body's useful and healthy way to get the toxins out of your system


Drink water, water, water and did we mention to drink more water?You're dehydrated and your body needs the water pretty badly


The alcohol wiped out your vitamin A, B and C supply causing some of those nasty hangover side effects. So replenish them, especially vitamins B and C


You're also low on electrolytes (like sodium, chloride, potassium, bicarbonate etc) these are essential to make you nerves and muscles work properly. Without them they have a hard time communicating. And that is exactly where some of the 'shakes or jitters' come from. Please refuel


Your energy level is probably near zero. You can't be moved unless...we tell you to. Your body needs fuel so give it

Now that you are presented with the second bill of your excessive alcohol intake, it's time to settle it

These hangover solutions try to take care of all, or a specific part of the imbalance in your body

Hangover cures


Water, agua, H2O, aqua, Adam's ale… In case the frequent trips to the urinal/ toilet didn't clue you in but more liquid was coming out than was getting in…so drink!...water

Hangover cures


hangover breakfast

Make a breakfast that includes at least milk and eggs or oats or granola, water and food with vitamin C. Milk, eggs, oats and granola contain ingredients that neutralize some effects of acetaldehyde which is a major product of alcohol metabolism and cause of that "fantastic" feeling in the morning

Water re hydrates the body and you especially need the vitamin C because like we said the alcohol wiped out your vitamin C supply. You also need the energy to get you going and start the clean up process in your body

Hangover cures


Eggs provide energy and contain cysteine which fights the effects of acetaldehyde

Hangover cures

Toast & crackers

The complex carbohydrates in toast and crackers and all other whole grain products helps your body build itself back again. Also helps re hydration

Hangover cures

Vitamin C

For the headache the morning after vitamin C seems to help, fresh orange juice, grapefruit, tomato juice or all other natural foods with vitamin C. A 600 mg vitamin C tablet also helps you in the right direction

Hangover cures

Vitamin B1 & B6

Vitamin B1(thiamine) and a large dose of vitamin B6 also helps your system with the re hydrating process

Hangover cures


Bananas are a natural antacid (they neutralize the stomach acid) and fight off the nausea. They are high in magnesium which helps to relax those blood vessels pounding like mad causing that hangover headache and also provide potassium, which you need for your nerves and muscle communication

You could also boil 2 banana peels in about a glass-full of water. Let it cool down and drink it...bottoms up!

Hangover cures

Any fruits or fresh fruit juice or shake

fruit juices against hangover

Persimmon, apple, orange, lemon, kiwi, dates, strawberry, banana, you name it. Eat them or make a fresh juice from them. The fructose naturally builds your body's energy level back and helps getting rid of the toxins. And needles to say the vitamins in fruit won't likely kill you either

Or make a fruit shake by mixing your favorite fruits with some milk in a food processor...drink and live again!

Hangover cures

Sports drinks

Drink sports drinks like Gatorade, Lucozade or Powerade. They contain those electrolytes which were driven out of your system by the massive alcohol intake

Hangover cures


If you can stomach it try a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on whole wheat. Contains a lot of ingredients to fight the effects of a hangover

Hangover cures

Chocolate milk

Grab another "cold one" that is a cold chocolate milk. Not the one you make at home but the bottled version. 1 Pint (1/2 liter) should do for starters and 2 (1 liter) if you had more than just a bit too much to drink. It coats the stomach for the nausea and it returns some of the vitamins which were wiped out from your body

The sugars and salt fix your energy and salt shortage. Chocolate also counters the small depression, ask any woman around and if you are a woman, YES it does! The flavor tops the "monkey died in my mouth" taste. Hangover Tip from an experienced intaker…

Hangover cures


Here's one for the strong stomach-ed, eat sauerkraut. The acid and the nutritional value do wonders. If you can't stomach to eat it try the bottled sauerkraut juice mixed with tomato juice. Pickle juice also seems to help

Hangover cures

Raw Cabbage

Eating raw cabbage is one of the oldest and most tested hangover curesthroughout history. By the way it is also used for preventing hangovers

Hangover cures

Coffee / caffeine

You're likely to go for the quick cup of coffee and it just might help a bit. The coffee helps to reduce the swelling of blood vessels that are causing tat massive headache. However caffeine is a diuretic which means that it makes you pee even more so if you drink too much of it you will loose even more fluids...and that is a big NO NO in hangover country

Hangover cures

"Hair of the dog that bit you"

hangover hair of the dog

The almighty "hair of the dog" remedy means you take another alcoholic drink right after you wake up with a hangover. The idea behind this is that the alcohol in your new drink will leap in line to be broken down before all that was left in your blood from yesterday. This gives you a short reprieve from those monstrous hangover symptoms

However as soon as the drink is broken down the hangover will be back...with a vengeance. Your body has now extra toxins to take care of so the hangover will only be worse

We do not recommend this method since it also seems a very slippery road towards alcohol dependency


If after a night of partying you wake up in someone's bathtub and the glass next to your head filled half with beer and half cigarette butts still looks attractive, then you have a serious problem. Please call your local AA group

Non food Hangover Solutions

Besides all the food and drink remedies there are also very useful non food hangover solutions. Things you can do to either stimulate your body or to let it rest, whatever works best for you

Hangover solutions


We know you'd rather die; and when you DO try it you first wish you were even more dead but when your blood gets pumping you get more oxygen in your body and the whole recovery process is sped up. A brisk walk is a good beginning, take it from there

Hangover solutions

Sleep or rest

Like we said: "time is the only real hangover cure," so another way to abide the time is to rest or sleep as much as possible. Quiet the opposite of the one above but just as effective. The only thing is that it takes a lot longer but your system will eventually clean itself up

Hangover solutions

Hot Bath or Cold Shower

Some say take a hot bath, some recommend a cold shower and some saymix cold and hot showers. That pretty much covers all the bases. Any of these will get your blood pumping. Heat will also make you sweat out the toxins. You might feel light headed in the beginning but get over it and you will start feeling better immediately

Hangover solutions


Works the same as the showers and baths version. Gets your blood circulating

Hangover solutions


oxygen against hangover

A surprising one, discovered by SCUBA divers. Oxygen can seriously reduce the symptoms of a hangover. It improves the metabolic rate. The only thing probably wouldn't have a cylinder with oxygen next to your bed right now...

Hangover solutions


Effective and fun! Why it works? (...if IT works)...see the exercise part (you can do the walking afterwards...)

Hangover solutions

River sand

We're not really sure about this one but it's peculiar enough to mention. We found an old Irish hangover cure saying to bury the ailing person up to the neck in moist river sand

So call your buddies or girlfriends and let them give you a hand...and a shovel

Hangover tips
with tea

Prepare one of these teas, invite over your grandmother, drink a few cups and eat some dry bread, biscuits or toast with it. Your hangover symptoms will be softened in a minute...although the grandmother part is pure speculation on our side

Hangover tips

Herbal Teas

tea against hangover

Make a pot of tea from one of the following herbs:

  • Mint
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Chamomile flower
  • White willow bark
  • Dandelion
  • Burdock

They will soothe the stomach, ease the headache, help detoxify your system and/ or help breaking up the alcohol. In short they can lend you a hand in easing the hangover symptoms and speeding up your recovery

More Herbal Hangover tips

Herbal hangover tips

Ginseng, Ginger or Mint

Take a bit of one of these herbs and chew on it. They will soothe your stomach and relieve you of that killing headache

Herbal hangover tips

OJ, Lime & Cumin

Take a glass of fresh orange juice add one teaspoon lime juice and a pinch of cumin powder...cheers

Hangover tips
from your kitchen and medicine cabinet

Hangover tips

Water & baking soda

Solve a full teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water drink it and it will very effectively deal with the nausea. Indirectly it will also take care of 'the shakes' that accompany a hangover

Hangover cures

Coconut milk

Drink coconut milk. Seems to be a very effective home remedy for hangovers

Hangover tips

Blackstrap Molasses

Eat one tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses in the morning. Molasses are rich in potassium and other minerals you have lost

Hangover cures

Alka Seltzer

Try Alka Seltzer Morning Relief. Like we said it's a personal thing and this might just do the trick. It helped a few people here and there

Hangover tips

No Aspirin!

Don't take aspirin it might take care of the headache but it does nothing for your alcohol level in your system. Just like alcohol aspirin is a blood thinner and it can make the alcohol effects even worse

Tylenol (or acetaminophen) in combination with the alcohol in your blood can do serious damage to your liver. Ibuprofen and alcohol can also cause stomach bleeding

So think twice before you go for the fast painkiller relief

You want more?

If after these hangover tips you want to know more about the symptoms, causes or preventing hangovers we suggest you take a look at one of our other pages

If you find yourself bookmarking this page for quick reference and coming back to it a few times a week we think you might have a problem and should immediately contact Alcoholics Anonymous

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...and always remember you're already gifted with the

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For more hangovers... errmm I mean for more information about hangovers visit the hangover section from Mayoclinic or the almost inevitable Wikipedia hangover page

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