Hangover Symptoms
Like you wouldn’t know…

What are exactly hangover symptoms? If you ever had one I don't think you needed this list to see if you did

For all others if someone you're with or you yourself had one too many to drinks last night and experience one of the following symptoms, you might just have an alcohol hangover

  • Headache - A Guinness book of records kind of excruciatingly terrible and painful throbbing headache...does that about describe it? (sorry for the Guinness association...)

hangover symptoms

  • Nausea

  • You feel dizzy

  • Dry mouth and throat and cracked lips

  • Loss of gravity - You feel that the laws of gravity do not apply to you anymore

  • Over-sensitive to light and sound - Which means all light dim or bright and all sounds; soft and loud hurt like nothing else

  • Your body muscle and joints ache

  • You feel drowsy and very tired

  • Unable to sleep - Although you are very tired falling asleep becomes the most difficult task ever

  • Diarrhea

  • Experiencing a bad mood

  • Difficulty focusing on the situation you're in

  • Memory loss - You experience a serious loss of memory, especially about what happened last night

  • Too far gone - You are too far gone to know that you have a hangover, that's why we put the symptoms here

  • Feeling down, miserable and depressed

  • Loss of coordination - You can't walk straight and your hands seem to miss everything you're aiming for...remember that's what the police uses to check if you have been drinking. Also recognizable by the stupendous face plant on the sidewalk

  • Poor depth perception

  • Fever

  • Strong perspiration, you're drenched in sweat

  • Bloodshot eyes

  • No Alcohol PLEASE! - You can't stand the smell, taste, sight or even the thought of alcohol

Hangover Symptoms
Personal experience

hangover symptoms

Of course it's all a personal experience. That's why all hangovers are individual and vary in range and intensity depending on the occasion. Some people are simply more sensitive to it than others

Normally hangover symptoms appear a few hours after drinking and can last as long as a few days

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If you're looking for more information about hangovers in general please visit the Wikipedia hangover page, for a more medical approach of its symptoms you might want to try the Mayoclinic symptoms of a hangover page hangovers:

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