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Natural at home chemical peels

We get a lot of questions from readers about which natural ingredients are good for a natural at home chemical peel? That is good because that means that more and more people decide that the chemicals in over the counter chemical peels are one step too close to an actual chemical disaster on their facial skin

And the fact of the matter is that it is soooo simple. Instead of going to that designer skin care boutique, drugstore or chemist you visit the produce department at your supermarket or grocery store, you notice the difference?

There are a few natural ingredients you can use when making a natural chemical peel. These are specifically focused on peeling or exfoliating your skinBesides the recipes on our chemical peel page, you can carefully experiment with these specific ingredients or their juice and design your own signature homemade facial peel

* Apples
* Aspirin
* Bananas
* Berries
* Blackberries
* Buttermilk
* Cherries
* Sour Cream
* Heavy Cream
* Grapefruit
* Grapes, unripe
* Lemon
* Lime
* Nectarines
* Orange
* Pears
* Pineapple Juice
* Papaya
* Pineapple
* Raspberry
* Strawberries
* Sugar Beets sugar
* Sugar Cane sugar
* Tomato
* Wine
* Willow Bark Extract
* Yogurt

You can simply mash the fruit or mix it with milk or yogurt and apply it like a mask. Leave it on between 15 to 25 minutes

As you can see, some or most of these you will probably already have in your kitchen cabinets or fridge. No need to buy expensive chemical peels with designer labels to peel your facial skin; it is possible to do-it-yourself

And another radical idea: besides smearing them on your face, also try to eat some of the fruits! Don't be scared they're meant for it. ;-) Eating more fresh fruit and drinking lots of water has tremendous benefits for your skin. Makes it healthier and smoother. It's natural skin care from the inside out

Small warning: always do a patch test on a small piece of skin, either behind your ears or on the inside of your legs. The reason is that some powerful natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions or even small burns on people who are allergic to them or have very sensitive skin

If you want to know more about at home chemical peels, feel free to browse around and see if you can find a recipe that suits your need

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We're writing an E-book...maybe even a few!

Hi there everybody, it has been a while but we're going to make up for it. Because of the heaps of requests we get from people asking if we also have a book (which we don't have at the moment) we decided to start writing!

Now over the years we have gathered tons of information, from home made facial masks, to shampoos to creams and lotions to tips to whatever you can think of, and this we are committing to paper now...well to gigantic word documents (it is 2011...)

Like I said it will be loaded and loaded with with natural skin and body care recipes, tips and what not.

It will take some time seeing the amount of work, but we will keep you posted. Every now and then just have a peek at this site to see where we're at.

Or if you leave your email address on our "Contact us" page we will keep you personally informed and you'll be amongst the first eligible to buy the E-books.

We want to make this a very interesting price vs. quality and quantity deal, so we promise it will be very good value for your money.

So we're back to writing now and you tell your friends that in a few months the ultimate home made natural skin care book will be available right here at natural-homeremedies-for-life.com ;-)

Thanks for your time and hope to see you around soon

Herbal home remedies for snoring

Besides all the changes in lifestyle, habits and behavior we describe on our home remedies for snoring page, we also have some natural herbal home remedies for snoring. They focus on keeping your airways open and free of infections and inflammation


Some researchers suggest that honey can help to clear your airways. It has anti bacterial and anti viral properties which might help

You could take a spoon of honey before going to bed or drink a cup of tea with honey or dip apple parts in honey, sounds delicious and it could do the trick for you


Nettle can work for you because it reduces inflammation of your respiratory system. To get a bit more specific it inhibits the release of histamines, this is the substance that starts inflammations

Take 1 tablespoon of dried nettle leaves put them in a cup and pour some boiling water over it. Leave it for 5 minutes and then strain it and enjoy. Take 1 cup a day and slowly work your way up to 3 a day where the last one should be right before you go to bed

Eucalyptus tea

Eucalyptus keeps your airways open

For this snoring remedy take 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus leafs and put them in a cup. Pour hot water over it and leave it for 5 minutes, then strain and drink

We recommend the same regimen as with the nettle tea above

All these herbal remedies can offer a very helpful solution to your snoring problem. Check our snoring remedies page for more ideas

Good night!

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More acne home remedies

As an addition some extra acne home remedies that people have successfully used


Dab a bit on the acne spot and leave it until the morning. This is said to dry the pimples out


Oatmeal is fantastic for your skin. Will get rid of excess oil and unclog pores. Cleans and softens

Use glycerin soap

It rids you of that itchy skin, the acne, the dryness. The big soap companies remove the glycerin from their soap (which in turn causes dry skin which develops into many more skin problems) and then put the glycerin in their other products, like lotions. So first they sell you a product that creates a certain problem, and then sell you another to "fix" it. Makes economical sense, but that's about all the sense we can make from it

We have many more acne fighting ideas, check our acne home remedies page

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Head Lice Treatment, Chemical Warfare or Bow and Arrow?

When your kids came home one day scratching their heads and you discovered head lice, you declared yet another war on those itchy little critters

And then followed the ultimate battle question: "what'll be the weapons of choice?" Will we go to war 21st century style, use weapons of mass destruction and drown their tiny little be-hinds with all the nasty chemicals we can get our hands on? Or will we go the well-known old fashioned road and try to eliminate our microscopic enemies with bows and arrows?

OK enough with the silly metaphors; let's get right down to it, when you or your kids have head lice, would you use pesticides or a natural head lice treatment? Would you go for Lindane or Coconut oil? Permethrin or Mayonnaise? Piperonyl Butoxide or Vinegar? Yes, it is your choice, but I urge you to check these chemicals on the web before you decide which head lice treatment to use. The choice will most probably depend on the effectiveness and the possible side effects on you or your little darlings

There are a few things I want to mention on the use of these toxic chemicals in many head lice medications:

  • Doctors in general agree that if your child is 2 years old or younger, you should never use medicated lice treatments anyway, way too dangerous

    Another example is the National Pediculosis Association, they stress that parents should never treat their children with products containing lindane. Just to give you an idea, you're not even allowed to spray your tomatoes with this pesticide but it is still used in head lice treatments!

  • It is a well-known fact that with repeated use of these pesticides lice have become resistant to it, so it becomes less and less effective
  • Beside this they're very unpleasant to use; the chemicals are rather aggressive and can irritate your skin and airways
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women or people with allergies and medical conditions are also advised not to use head lice medications
  • Finally they are expensive

Our simple truth is that we, and many more people, have had better results with home remedies and natural treatments than with all the chemical products out there

If you find yourself or your kids infested take a look in your own kitchen or medicine cabinet or visit the nearest health food store and look out for one of the following:

  • Virgin Coconut oil
  • Vinegar
  • Extra virgin Olive oil
  • Cetaphil non-soap facial cleanser
  • Full fat Mayonnaise
  • Tea tree oil
  • Listerine

In cases like these the bow and arrow without any doubt outperform and eclipse chemical warfare. Most of these home remedies "suffocate" or kill all lice and nits with no chance of them becoming resistant to the treatment. With one of the ingredients above, you'll definitely win the war without exposing any one to nasty, unnecessary and potentially dangerous toxins

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