Home Remedies for Burns
First aid burn treatment

In most first and second degree cases, home remedies for burns are very helpful and easy to apply. Small sun burns, steam, a hot iron, or hot coffee on your skin, these burns can be treated right there at home

However whenever the burns are more serious you might be dealing with a third degree burn. Burns ARE serious injuries, so we won’t be beating around the bush, this might be an emergency and we’ll get right to it! With third degree burns do NOT try any home remedies for burns but call for assistance

First, second or third degree burns; how to identify the burn you're dealing with

First degree burns

These are the lightest and mildest of burns. You might experience lesions on the outer skin. The skin is also red, sore and sensitive to touch, slightly painful, you might have some swelling

Examples: sunburn, light steam burn, scalds

Second degree burns

These cause more serious damage, not only to your outer layer of skin but also the tissue below. You’ll experience blisters (sometimes oozing), swelling, redness and sharp intense pain

Examples:  short contact with hot metal like oven or iron, hot fluids, more severe sunburns

Third degree burns

The most serious burns. The outside skin and deeper tissue are severely damaged. Skin could be charred, looks brown or black, but also possibly white or creamy colored. Serious, permanent lesions and swelling. You feel no pain because the nerve endings are destroyed

Exampleschemicals, electricity, open fire, longer contact with hot surfaces, boiling water or oil


Third degree burn victims
ALWAYS need medical attention!

There is always the possibility that they go into a state of shock, which means fainting, pale skin and sweating. If so, emergency help is even more essential and immediately go to a hospital or medical post for urgent medical attention or call your emergency number

Home remedies  for burns
how to treat a burn

In case of first or second degree burns you can use the following first aid treatments or home remedies for burns

First Aid for first & second degree burns

IF not stuck to the wound remove burned clothing

Remove clothing if not stuck to the wound and take off all jewelry

Then continue with

Cold water

Still the best thing to do as first aid for burns is cool the spot down with cold water. Keep the burn(s) under cold running water for 15 to 30 minutes or longer if necessary. This will take out the heat. Don’t use ice or ice water; this could make things even worse

After the cold water you can use some of the next home remedies for burns 

Home remedies for burns


Diluted vinegar works as a painkiller and relaxes your skin tissue. Cover the burned area with a cloth which is soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water; doesn’t matter which sort of vinegar. Change the cloth for a fresh one whenever the pain starts to return. Do this as long as necessary

Home remedies for burns

Aloe vera

For first degree burns you can apply fresh aloe juice or aloe gel immediately after the water or vinegar treatment

For second degree burns, wait until the wound starts healing and apply the aloe. Aloe vera has painkilling, astringent and tissue-healing properties which is one of the more powerful home remedies for burns

Do not use Aloe if you are using blood thinners or have a medical history of heart problems

Home remedies for burns

Black tea bag

In case of first degree burns you can immediately combine the cold water burn treatment with tea bags. For second degree burns wait until the wound starts to heal

Soak some black tea bags in cool water for a few minutes. Now hold the affected area in the cold tea for a few minutes. Later you can also use the tea bags to place them gently on the burn area. Later again, take the tea bags off but leave the tea on

For all non emergency burns, that is most 1st and 2nd degree burns, the tannic acid in black tea seriously reduces the pain

Home remedies for burns

Lavender essential oil

You can also immediately put lavender oil straight onto the burned skin. Lavender has painkilling properties, promotes healing and gives you less chance of scarring

When the burned area is bigger you can pour Lavender oil onto a gauze or clean cloth, and apply it directly to the burn. You should replace this gauze with a fresh one every few hours

Home remedies for burns

Egg white

Egg whites are no short of a miracle cure for burns. Coat or soak the burned area in egg white. As long as it is wet you won’t feel pain from the burn. When it dries up, the pain will return so then reapply fresh egg whites

This not only alleviates the pain it actually heals and prevents scarring from the burn

Home remedies for burns

Onion juice

This first aid for burns is very often used by chefs and professional kitchen staff and many swear by it (swear in the sense of they use it all the time because it seems to work; they probably also do some other swearing at the time of the burn ;-)

Cut a fresh onion in half and squeeze the juice onto the burn, this will ease the pain and also reduced the chance of blistering. It has to be a freshly cut onion, ones that were cut only a few minutes earlier already lost their soothing properties

Home remedies for burns

Soy sauce

A surprisingly effective first aid for burns, especially the smaller 1st and 2nd degree household burns, is soy sauce. Apply it generously to the burned area and leave it on for about 30 minutes. This will ease the pain and keeps the skin from blistering

Home remedies for burns


Coat the burn with a generous amount of toothpaste (not gel or liquid) and leave it on for at least 24 hours. It will alleviate the pain and keep your skin from blistering

Home remedies for burns

Tomato or grated Potato

Put a slice of tomato or some grated potato or on the burn. The acid from the tomato takes the pain away and will leave you with no blisters

When you apply a mass of plant matter, in this case grated potato, on a burn (or any other area that needs attention in a first aid situation), this is called a poultice. In this case the grated potato poultice is perfect for drawing out the heat

Home remedies for burns


After a burn wound is cleaned, you can also dress it with honey and it will heal faster with less pain and scarring

Home remedies for burns

Whole milk

Soak gauze or clean non fluffy cloth in cold whole milk and gently apply it to the burn for about 15 minutes and replace with a fresh one

What you need to know about first aid burn treatments

A few Don'ts and Do's

First aid for burns

DO NOT break the blisters

They are nature’s cover

First aid for burns

Never put salves or butter on burns 

This will make things worse

First aid for burns

Dress the affected area 

In case of first or second degree burns, if you have to dress the area (for transport or to keep it from outside influences), bandage the wound with a clean non fluffy, non sticky material like plastic wrap, plastic bag or a pillow case (only if necessary)

First aid for burns

Leave it 

After you have used some first aid for burns, leave the wound alone for at least 24 hours

How to treat a third degree burn

How to treat a burn

Get help!

Do not hesitate, somebody with third degree burns should immediately be taken to a hospital to receive professional medical care. Take him or her immediately to the nearest emergency room or call your emergency number

How to treat a burn

DO NOT try to remove clothing stuck to the burn!

How to treat a burn

Use Cold Shower

Put the person under a cold shower or apply cold wet cloths or in other ways soak eventual clothes with cool water. Apply cool water until the pain subsides or until the emergency services arrive

When else do I need to go to a doctor?

  • When the burns are in/ on the eyes, on the hands, feet, face or pelvic and pubic area
  • When the burn is more painful than usual
  • When a large area of the body is burnt
  • When burns start to show signs of infection, e.g. blister is filled with greenish or brownish fluid, or a burn that gets hot again or turns red
  • When the wound oozes puss
  • When a burn doesn't heal in 10 to 14 days
  • Always when babies, children and people over 60 are burned

What things to eat or drink to stimulate recovery from a burn

First of all drink a lot of fluids, water preferably

Eat a high Protein, high calorie diet

This is rich in vitamins and minerals. When you get burned you lose (trace) minerals like copper, selenium, and zinc etc, these need to be replenished to speed up the healing process. Also make sure you get Vitamins A, B complex, C and E

We wish you a speedy recovery

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