Home Remedies for Ear Infections and Earache Relief
Powerful Ear Ache home remedies

This earache has gone far enough, these home remedies for ear infections or ear ache home remedies will give you instant pain relief. They will soothe and immediately start the healing process of your or you baby's body

You can feel quiet lost in trying to find earache relief for that sometimes excruciating but always very aggravating throbbing or stinging ear

Through time some very effective natural treatments have been discovered by natural doctors, scientists, sufferers and concerned parents 

This numbing ear ache can be stopped

let's find your natural earache relief

Warning & caution

Before we start with these home remedies for ear infections, we have a few things you should keep in mind

Remember our warning that unless you are 101% sure the eardrum is not punctured (because your doctor examined you or your child and he has told you so) never put anything deep inside the ear canal!

Anyway, some of the best and safest ear ache home remedies are used about or outside the ear anyway, not actually in it

When you are suffering from ear ache do also not try to scratch or prick your ear with your fingers, ball pen or hairpins or anything. This increases the chance of infections

And finally, when treating your child with ear ache home remedies always keep an eye and ear open for signs of discomfort. Immediately stop the treatment when you notice it and wash the ear(s) with clean water

Effective, safe, easy & affordable ear ache home remedies

These earache home remedies or ear infection remedies are safe and proven ways to both get rid of the pain and fight the infection. That is if you mind the warnings and keep yourself to the given methods

A lot of the ingredients are already waiting in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. They are readily available and downright affordable compared to commercial products

If you follow the suggestions, use common sense and apply them gently, earache relief will be just around the corner

Home Remedies for ear infections
Earache relief in a wink

We divided these home remedies in 5 categories. Click on the link to go to the section of choice

Home remedies for ear infections
for external use

Home remedies for ear infections

Warm washcloth or warm water bottle

A warm washcloth or a warm water bottle put over the ear will give you earache relief. Usually your painful ear requires warmth but use only the ways which are convenient for you. The warmth and the moisture of a warm wash cloth or water bottle penetrate the ear giving immediate ear infection pain relief

Home remedies for ear infections

Warm Onion

Cut an onion into small pieces and put it into a thin wash cloth or cotton children's sock. Warm it up to body temperature in the microwave or with a blow dryer. Place a cotton wool swab on the opening of the ear. Put the warm cloth or onion sock against the affected ear and fasten it with a hat or scarf which is made of natural materials like cotton, wool, silk or flax

Leave it for 30 min or as long as you can stand it. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a day, every time with a fresh onion

Home remedies for ear infections

Warm Garlic

This smelly ear infection treatment is basically the same as above but instead boil 3 to 4 garlic cloves for a few minutes. Mash them and add a bit of salt. Wrap it in a cloth, preferably flannel, and put it on the painful ear. Fasten it with a hat or scarf like mentioned above leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes

Home remedies for ear infections

Paste of water and onion powder

Make a paste with onion powder. Mix water and onion powder until you have a paste that is sticky enough to stay on by itself. Apply to the outside and around the ear. Leave it for 45 minutes. This ear infection treatment should ease the pain and fight the infection

Home remedies for ear infections

Warm chamomile

A very effective way to earache relief is to take a chamomile teabag heat it up with a blow dryer to body temperature and put it on and around the affected ear. You can leave it the whole night

You can also use fresh chamomile flowers in a wash cloth or sock. A slight variation on this is to blanch chamomile tea for 15 minutes, strain it taking out the leaves, soak a cotton wool pad in it and put it on your ear

Home remedies for ear infections

Lemon juice & salt

Put the juice of one lemon in a bowl add 1 cup of salt and mix it. Pour the mixture into a damp towel and close it so it stays in and can't come out. Place it in the microwave and heat it up until it is steamy. Test when it is comfortably warm enough. Put your head on the towel so the steam can get up into the ear

Home remedies for ear infections

Warm Salt Bag

Put salt, or 2 parts salt mixed with 4 parts cornmeal, in a cotton sock and close it tightly with a string. Heat it up with in the micro wave, with a blow dryer or on the radiator until it is comfortably warm. Put it on the painful ear, it is an immediate ear infection pain relief. For fighting the infection however you will need some more remedies. One of the older but powerful ear infection remedies, will instantly ease the earache

Home remedies for ear infections

Fresh garlic

Another of the smelly ear infection pain relief remedies; take a fresh garlic clove, crush it and put it in a cotton handkerchief. Place it on the painful ear for 20-30 minutes. This may ease you pain and chase away your friends for the evening but can be very useful. However if it starts to feel unpleasant remove it immediate

Home remedies for ear infections

Olive & lavender oil

This one is especially useful for children and babies. Take a teaspoon of olive oil and 5 drops of lavender oil, warm it in a pan. Let it cool down, soak a cotton ball in it and apply it on the outer ear. Do NOT drip it in the ear! After you finish throw out the liquid, make new if you want to do it later again, don't use the old one. Gives instant ear infection pain relief

Home remedies for ear infections

Lavender oil

Another earache relief treatment for children; put some lavender oil under the ear; put a glass over the ear and the lavender oil closing the area for a few minutes. The vapors will work their magic

Home remedies for ear infections

Blow dryer

Take a hair dryer 18-30 inches from the ear and gently blow warm air toward it. Be very careful not to get too close or blow to hard this can cause even greater discomfort and can even burn you. This is only a temporary earache relief


As you have noticed onion and garlic are very useful ingredients in these home remedies for ear infections, they have natural antibacterial power. You'll see lots more of them in the next sections


Whenever you try one of these ear infection/ earache treatments and you or the one you're treating feel your skin starts to itch or burn, remove immediately and wash your skin with clean water. It might mean that you are allergic to one of the ingredients (especially when using herbs) or that the ingredients are doing you more harm than good

Earache Relief
Cotton wool in ear treatments

Earache relief treatments

Olive oil & garlic

Cook the olive oil and the garlic together; when the garlic is cooked well remove it from the hot oil. Strain it and put a cotton ball into the still warm (not hot) oil, put it into your ear. Leave it for a while and remove or you can sleep with it if it is comfortable to you. One of the most effective home remedies for ear infections

Earache relief treatments

Lavender oil

For this herbal ear infection treatment dip a cotton ball in some lavender oil and put it in the painful ear. Lavender and lavender fumes have anti bacterial and antiviral properties. This way the fumes get into your ear canal. You can leave it in the ear for several hours or even for the whole night

You can also put some lavender oil in the olive oil garlic mixture from the remedy above

Earache relief treatments

Onion & oil

Take the outer layer of 1/2 of an onion, hold it over a flame and then put oil inside this outer layer. Soak a cotton ball in it and put this in the ear once or twice for one day. Another one of the ear ache home remedies that uses the anti-bacterial power of onions

Earache relief treatments

Garlic & Vicks vapo rub

For ear infection pain relief you can also warm a garlic clove in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then put some Vicks vapo rub on one of the ends of the clove and place it in your ear. This also fights the infection

Earache relief treatments

Garlic oil

Put a drop of warm garlic oil on a cotton swab, make a plug and place it in the ear. Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes a few times a day. Great ear infection pain relief and fights the inflammation as well. Again a very effective ear infection treatment


Again, whenever you try one of these suggestions and you feel your skin starts to itch or burn, remove immediately and wash your skin with clean water. It might mean that you are allergic to one of the ingredients, especially when using herbs, or that the ingredients are doing you more harm than good

Ear infection pain relief
with ear drops

We all had ear drops at some point in our lives they are not always comfortable but most of the times did the job. The following ear drops are very effective for ear infection pain relief

The safest way to apply them is with an old fashioned eye dropper or a q-tip. The working of an eye dropper is straight forward for using a q-tip with your child here is a useful q-tip tip

Q-tip tip

Lay your or your child's head down with the painful ear up, dip the q-tip in the fluid you're using, then hold it over the ear and twirl it until the fluid drops in the ear. Don't put the q-tip in the ear. Keep the head like this so the fluid really gets into the ear canal. This gives you the most control over how many drops you want to apply


Before you drop anything in the ear make absolutely, 1000% sure that the eardrum is NOT punctured! If you are not sure, DO NOT use these ear drop remedies

Ear infection pain relief

Olive oil & garlic

This is one of the seemingly magical ear ache home remedies. Heat up olive oil and some bruised pieces of garlic (you can bruise the garlic pieces by putting a kitchen knife flat on top of it and pressing or hitting it with your hand allowing the juice to come out). Strain it and drip some drops in the infected ear

Of course you could also warm up a bit of extra virgin olive oil alone. Drop 2 or 3 drops in the painful ear. Great ear infection pain relief and a time proven ear infection treatment

Ear infection pain relief

Onion & olive oil

Heat some olive oil and put a good amount of grated onion in it. Let it fry for a while. Strain it through fabric and drip one drop in each ear. This will relieve you of your earache

Ear infection pain relief

Apple cider vinegar

2 Drops of apple cider vinegar in each ear will ease the pain in your ear for a while

Ear infection pain relief

Garlic & mustard

For this ear infection treatment you mix two crushed garlic cloves with two spoons of mustard or mustard oil and slowly warm it up to a medium temperature. When the garlic starts to burn, turn off the heat. Let it cool down and strain it. Drip two drops in the infected ears

Ear infection pain relief

Garlic, apple cider vinegar & honey

Bruise or cut 2 to 3 cloves of garlic. Add about 1.5 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and melt in just a little honey. Heat it up a little until a comfortable temperature. Strain it and drip some drops in the infected ear. Leave it for a few seconds and drain it out. Put a warm towel on the ear, this should ease your ear ache


NEVER EVER drop essential oil or raw garlic juice into the ear! It will do more harm than good

And again, whenever you try one of these suggestions and you feel your skin starts to itch or burn, remove immediately and wash your skin with clean water. It might mean that you are allergic to one of the ingredients, especially when using herbsor that the ingredients are doing you more harm than good

Ear ache home remedies
straight from your medicine cabinet

Sometimes your ear ache home remedies are already waiting in your medicine cabinet. The following remedies have been found to be very effective

Ear ache home remedies

Glycerin & warm water

For this ear infection treatment dip a q-tip in warm water, then in some glycerin. Drip 3 drops and repeat until you feel it running into your ear

After 30 minutes use a clean and dry q-tip to gently clean the wax. Never put the q-tip deep into the ear! Repeat it after an hour even if you already feel earache relief. Repeat this a couple of times the first day, and if needed over the next couple of days

Ear ache home remedies

Hydrogen peroxide & alcohol

Put 8 to 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. This will give you a fizzing sound. After a few minutes take a clean wash cloth an turn your head over to drain the peroxide. Then put some alcohol in the ear to dry it out. Make sure you get out all the peroxide because left over will make your ears fizz for a long time

Ear ache home remedies

Tea tree oil

Mix a few drops of the magical tea tree oil with an equal amount of extra virgin olive oil and put two to three drops in the infected ear. Gives you almost immediate ear infection pain relief


Remember that tea tree oil should be used carefully. When misused it can cause harm. Be also aware of the fact that there are concerns about using essential oils in general on children and pre-teens, especially repeated use. So it's better not to use essential oils when treating them

Ear ache home remedies

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic; it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Without getting too scientific, it basically suffocates them without harming our own cells. Drop enough warmed up colloidal silver in the ear canal to fill it and then cover it with cotton wool or a tissue. Leave it for 5 to 6 minutes

Ear ache home remedies

Vicks vapo rub

Put some vicks rub on a cotton ball and put it in your ear. Leave it there all night or until the pain goes away. A bit peculiar but can be very helpful in earache relief

Natural ear infection remedies
with herbal teas

Herbal teas are known to be very helpful and effective home remedies for ear infections and can even fight the infections from within 

Natural ear infection remedies

Goldenseal & echinacea tea

Make a tea by mixing a teaspoon of both herbs in one cup of boiling water. Drink this three times a day. Goldenseal and echinacea are very useful in fighting bacterial and viral infections

Natural  ear infection remedies

Peppermint tea

Bruise about 1/2 cup of packed mint leaves in a tea pot, add 2 tablespoons loose-leaf Chinese gunpowder tea or green tea and pour 4 cups of boiling water on it. Later add honey to taste

Natural  ear infection remedies

Pau d'arco tea

Boil one quart of fresh water in a pot and add four teaspoons pau d'arco loose dried bark. Reduce the heat slightly and let it simmer for 20 minutes

Be aware

A Simple Earache caused by the first stages of infection or inflammation will generally go away within 24 hours. If it doesn't go away or even gets worse and you notice a High Fever, even after trying one of our suggested methods, it is better you call your doctor to seek treatment

Especially with children it is important you do not wait too long!


Finally a small note on Antibiotics. They are no longer the first thing doctors prescribe for acute middle ear infection or otitis media. Everybody is thinking twice before treating ear infections with antibiotics

Research is showing that most infections in the ear go away by themselves and antibiotics do little or nothing to speed up the process. Also using too many antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance in some bacteria, which means antibiotics don't help anymore

More about earache and ear infection

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