Home Remedies for Head Lice
Natural head lice treatments that kill them lice dead...

Your worries are over, these safe natural home remedies for head lice will exterminate all the itchy little critters that decided to settle in your kid's hair (or your own...)

These pesky parasites seem to have a lot of fun right now. But unfortunately for them they landed on the head of a human being whose mom or dad just found these powerful and effective natural home remedies for head lice. Tough luck on the lice!

Don't let these creepy crawlers get to you

let's do something about it now!

The video already explains a lot, but if you want to read first about head lice in general, what they are, their life cycle, who gets them and how you get them etc, please go ahead and read our

head lice introduction

There's always some interesting and useful info, even about these little parasites

After the following natural head lice treatments we will also give you some useful

tips on how to prevent head lice

There are a few ways to make sure that you or your kids don't get re-infested

Most ingredients for these home remedies for head lice you probably already have somewhere in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. They are affordable, easy to apply and very powerful

What about the "good old" remedies?

There are many stories about "good old" home remedies for head lice from way then, but these are not always as safe as we now think they should be

For instance applying kerosene to get rid of lice, this is very dangerous and should never be used. The manufacturer warns explicitly against contact with eyes, skin and clothes. It can irritate the skin and lungs or even worse, one tiny spark could set you or your kid on fire. This WILL definitely kill the lice that's true, but we guess this is not the way you'd prefer

There are many much safer natural head lice treatments that will work perfectly for you and your kids

Home Remedies for Head Lice
direct treatments

Screening and combing

Whatever home remedy for head lice you choose, effective screening and combing with a metal lice comb to get all the lice and nits out is an absolute must. After each use you will have to clean the metal lice comb with alcohol to get rid of remaining lice and nits

Home Remedies for head lice

Coconut oil

This specific lice treatment was suggested to us by a kindergarten teacher, someone close to the "fire" we think

For this home remedy you use simple coconut oil. Really soak your kid's hair in it and cover the head with a towel. You should leave it on for a few hours or even for the night. Afterward wash it with shampoo and you could also use coconut conditioner or coconut oil. Repeat if necessary

There is something in coconut oil that lice don't really "appreciate" and now you know too. research is done to determine what it exactly is in coconut oil that chases away head lice, but it is not yet clear what that is

By the way this not only kills the lice and nits it will also make your hair look and feel silky smooth

Home Remedies for head lice


And the award for the most effective recently discovered home remedy for head lice goes to...drum roll please…......Listerine!! (applause, applause)

This incredibly powerful home remedy for head lice has not been in use for very long but has proven gigantically successful

Experts say that the alcohol (26.9 %), eucalyptol, thymol, menthol and methyl salicylate in Listerine are probably toxic to lice. But of course completely harmless to humans, we wash our mouths with it every day!

First wash your hair and towel-dry it. Soak and rub your head and hair with Listerine, we prefer not to spray because it might get in the eyes. Cover the head with a towel and leave it in for a few hours or even for the night

Afterward comb with a lice comb and wash the hair. If you use coconut shampoo and conditioner or coconut oil you will be double sure

You can repeat this the second day but for most people this was not even necessary anymore. Although it can still be a good idea to kill eventual new eggs or lice that come from other infested places like pillows, beds etc


The alcohol in Listerine might sting a bit, keep this in mind and be patient when you use it on your kids. Use this treatment while watching their favorite cartoon that will keep them a bit distracted

Home Remedies for head lice

Olive oil

This is one of the simplest and easiest natural home remedies for head lice and you probably have a bottle of olive oil somewhere in your kitchen

Simply put the olive oil on your head and in your hair and leave it there for a few hours or even overnight using a towel or shower cap. Afterward rinse and wash and treat preferably with coconut products. Repeat if necessary

Besides getting rid of the lice olive oil also leaves your hair soft and beautiful

Home Remedies for head lice


Vinegar is one of those "multi-purpose" ingredients everyone has in their kitchen. It is useful for many ailments and, lucky for you, also as a head lice treatment

Vinegar helps to solve the glue that keeps the lice eggs or nits stuck to your hair shaft

  • You can simply rub your head and hair with straight up vinegar and leave it in for a few minutes. Then wash it out, using coconut shampoo and coconut conditioner and coconut oil have our preference. Repeat this in the days after until your head is cleared of lice and eggs

  • Another possibility is to mix equal parts of vinegar with an equal part of baby oil or olive oil or any other mineral oil. Put this in your hair, cover with a towel and leave it for an hour. Then rinse and wash preferably with coconut shampoo or use coconut oil afterward

  • We heard of some desperate people who combined the Listerine treatment with the vinegar one. First apply the Listerine, leave it for two hours, rinse and then put in the vinegar for two hours. Afterward wash and condition, preferably with coconut products

Home Remedies for head lice

Full fat Mayonnaise

No, no diet or low fat stuff, this time buy the full fat mayonnaise! Apply it generously to the hair, until every strand is thickly covered. Wrap the head in plastic wrap to keep the mayonnaise in and not on the couch or pillow. Leave it on/in overnight and in the morning thoroughly wash and condition, preferably with coconut products

Home Remedies for head lice

Anise oil, Coconut oil & Ylang Ylang oil

Now we know that you probably don't have these ingredients right there on a shelf. But there is a natural product which has all these ingredients in it. It is called Hairclean 1-2-3, it's very safe and effective for all ages. This spray works wonders, it has rescued many kids from those itching little creatures. For instructions read the packaging

Home Remedies for head lice

Cetaphil non-soap facial cleanser

This is also a relative newcomer in the head lice treatment department. But not less effective than the others

Generously apply the Cetaphil non-soap facial cleanser to your hair, and leave it on for two minutes. Now comb your hair and take the the excess cleanser out of it. Use a blow dryer to gently dry out the cleanser. This way the Cetaphil will harden and works as a "shrink wrap" that suffocates the lice

Leave it for eight hours, or overnight and then shampoo it out

Studies have shown that more than 90%(!!) of all lice cases were solved after using this method

Home Remedies for head lice

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also one of those "miracle ingredients" in the natural treatment of ailments. It has natural antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial properties

  • You can use off the shelve tea tree shampoos (5%) and wash your hair with this. Sometimes this is already enough to get rid of the lice
  • You can also drop ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil in you normal bottle of shampoo and use it every day
  • You can take it a bit further and mix your normal shampoo with 1 table spoon of tea tree oil, 1 tea spoon of eucalyptus oil and 3 table spoons of olive oil. Put it in your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse afterward and repeat if necessary


Do not use tea tree oil or any other essential oil when treating children or pre-teens! Tea tree oil is a very effective but also very strong potion and when misused it can be very dangerous

Also when you are pregnant or a nursing mom, DO NOT use tea tree oil

Home Remedies for head lice

Petroleum jelly / Vaseline

Using petroleum jelly (Vaseline is a brand name) to get rid of lice is a desperate measure. We think there are easier remedies which you should try first before resorting to this one

The reason is that it is terribly difficult to get it out of your hair, or more important, your kids' hair

If you decide to use this it is very simple. Completely cover your hair and scalp with petroleum jelly. Leave it on for a few hours or even all night using a towel or shower cap, and then the fun begins

We have heard of people using Dawn dish washing liquid with cornstarch, they mixed this to a paste put it on the head and let it dry for an hour. Rinse and wash your hair with shampoo, repeat this until satisfied

Other solutions we have heard of are using baking soda, baby oil, corn flour, Goop or Wisk. Need we remind you to keep detergents away from your kids' eyes...

Good luck!

Home Remedies for head lice

Hydrogen peroxide & borax

Although it all sounds like one big chemical remedy it is actually one of the more natural home remedies for head lice and very effective

Mix one part of hydrogen peroxide 3% with two parts of water. Then add some borax to it, this is actually a natural mineral or salt. Add until the hydrogen peroxide is saturated

Rub this on your head and soak your hair and cover your head with a towel. Leave it for a few hours. Afterward rinse it out and wash your hair preferably with coconut shampoo and use coconut conditioner or coconut oil. Repeat if necessary

You can also use this hydrogen peroxide, borax mix to treat beds, pillows etc

Home Remedies for head lice

A mix of some of the above

We've also heard of people mixing some of these home remedies for head lice. They used the vinegar and tea tree oil way or coconut oil and Listerine together or any other treatment mix they could think of in one huge attempt to kill those pesky lice

Everything is possible but be aware that the ones we mentioned above are already very effective by itself

When you do experiment be careful with the quantities you use and we recommend not doing it on your children, we know it's a redundant remark but we just need to say it

Home Remedies for head lice

The last resort: Shave the hair

Unless you're joining the army tomorrow or always wanted to be "baldy locks," shaving the hair to get rid of lice will not be on top of anybodies head lice treatment list

Needles to say that taking off all the hair, that is almost all the hair, is the most effective and foul proof head lice treatment available. Lice can still hang on to hair that is 1/4 inch or 5 mm long

For very obvious reasons not everybody wants to resort to this method

Preventive Home Remedies for Head Lice
How to prevent head lice & re-infestation

Once you got rid of the lice with one of the natural home remedies above, it's important to try and prevent them from returning. You can do this by

  • Telling your kids to try to avoid head-to-head contact at school in the playground or at sports and while playing at home with other children

  • Tell them not to share combs, brushes, hats, ribbons, hair ties etc or towels or any other item that was in close contact with the scalp of an infested person

  • Don't lie on beds, pillows, and carpets that have recently been used by someone who had lice

  • Every one who was in contact with an infested person should be examined every 3 to 4 days

  • Vacuum the house well and empty the dust bag

  • Wash all bed linens and clothing that has recently been worn by anyone who had lice. Do this in very hot water of about 130° Fahrenheit (55° Celsius), and then put them in the hot cycle of the dryer for at least 20 minutes. This will probably kill what has been left

Final note

Don't go overboard with cleaning. Lice don't survive long once they fall off a person because they need our blood. So it's unnecessary to spend a great deal of time and money trying to get rid of all lice or eggs which might still be in your house

Remember that all people still are individuals just as all cases of head lice can be different. What works for one person in one situation might not work for another person. So don't despair if a home remedy doesn't immediately work for you, you can try another one probably with more success

The home remedies for head lice we suggested should basically take care of the normal lice cases. If however home treatments do not work and the lice are still there even after 2 weeks of treatment, or your skin on the scalp gets cracked, infected or inflamed you should contact your doctor

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