Home Remedies for Insomnia
Let's get back to sleep...

Maybe you tried some quick fix natural home remedies for insomnia but it just did not do the job, you're still tossing and turning all night, staring the minutes down your alarm clock 

This insomnia is killing you, it kept you up for a few nights in a row or you woke up unrefreshed and broken. You feel sleepy all day, so it's ruining your days now as well as your nights

home remedies for insomnia

Yep that's when you need these long term home remedies for insomnia. They are basically simple lifestyle changes that could mean the difference between watching the numbers on your alarm clock passing by one by one or...well waking up well rested and bushy-tailed by the same alarm clock

You think: "bushy-tailed? Whatever, just get me to sleep to begin with." We hear you and are here to lend you a hand

Quick fix

We assume you already tried some of the quick fixes to get you to sleep. If not, please do and see if they might do the trick for tonight

So you're still with us, that can only mean you're looking for structural home remedies for insomnia

Normally transient and short term insomnia can be fixed and prevented when you remove or correct the underlying cause or causes. Check these to see if you can pinpoint your problem area and try to fix it with the following structural natural home remedies for insomnia

This long list might just give you that brilliant idea that will give you that deep night's sleep...or it will bore you to sleep; hey if it works, it works...!

Home remedies for insomnia
Habit and behavioral change as natural remedies for insomnia

This first batch of structural home remedies for insomnia deals with your (sleeping) habits and behavioral patterns. With some adjustments to one or more of these you might just find your way out of those sleepless nights

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Regular sleeping habits

Go to bed at the same time each night so you can set your circadian rhythm or internal clock. Just as important is rising at the same time each morning. You have to know that our bodies are actually routine junkies, they love routine, patterns and schedules; it makes them function at their best

Try to get into the "groove" and the moment you wake up fresh and energetic is the point you were looking for, the moment of getting enough sleep

Don't sleep in to make up for lost sleep, also not on the weekend. But again, always go to bed and wake up at the hour you set for yourself, this way if you didn't sleep enough it will make you more tired for the next nigh

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Going to bed when it is time

home remedies for insomnia - to bed on time

Go to bed only when you're sleepy, and if you can't fall asleep in 15 minutes or so, get up and go out of the bedroom, do something monotonous but you still like to do. Read a magazine, not a book that might be too stimulating. Watch television, do some crocheting or knitting or whatever it is you like to do. Don't do anything that really excites you or that makes you do something with a specific goal like housework or laundry

Whenever you feel sleepy go to bed. Repeat this whenever you can't get back to sleep. But remember always to wake up at the same time in the morning

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Relaxing before bedtime

home remedies for insomnia - relax before bed

Don't do any seriously stressful tasks or exercises right before sleeping, and yes sex is the only exception to this rule

Clear your head before you go to bed. Put everything in perspective; see what is bothering you and what you want to do about it. Also start making plans for the next day

This insomnia treatment will clear your head so you can block out unpleasant thoughts and think of pleasant memories, the good days; let your fantasy run away with you. Even the antique way of counting sheep will do

You can also try some breathing exercises where you breathe from the belly, slow it down and feel the air moving in and out of your lungs

Try meditation, yoga, tai chi, they all relax you and make it easier to fall asleep

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Developing rituals before bed

This insomnia treatment is closely connected to the one above. Like we mentioned our bodies are routine junkies and when you develop certain set rituals before bed this prepares our body for sleep. And you also need to relax to get into a comfortable deep sleep. Read for instance (preferably a magazine) or listen to soft music, maybe your partner can give you a massage, or pray, but whatever you do make it a relaxing experience

Structural home remedies for insomnia

A nice warm bath

home remedies for insomnia - warm bath

Take a warm bath about 1 hour before bed (experiment with the exact time that works best for you.) After it when your temperature begins to fall you will feel more tired

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Using your bed what it's made for

And that means only sleep and sex are allowed in bed. No other distractions like working, using a PC, watching TV, reading, making phone calls, eating, or anything else

Structural home remedies for insomnia


Yes exercise is good to use up your energy and get tired, but don't do it too close to bedtime. Late in the afternoon or early in the evening is best (at least 4 to 5 hours before bed)

Structural home remedies for insomnia


home remedies for insomnia - sex

Time proven and very pleasurable insomnia treatment. It relaxes you mentally and physically and loosens you up before you go to sleep

Some researchers have found that hormonal mechanisms triggered during sex actually help you to sleep better and quicker

On the other hand if sex causes anxiety and is problematic it might just have the opposite effect

Home remedies for insomnia
Insomnia treatment, watch what you eat and drink

Food and drinks obviously play an important role in everybody's life, but not everybody has the right feeding or drinking habits. These insomnia treatments take a closer look at how food and drinks maybe influenced your sleeping pattern

Structural home remedies for insomnia

A healthy diet

home remedies for insomnia - healthy diet

You could be waking up in the middle of the night because your system is low on calcium and magnesium. So a healthy well balanced diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables, some milk products, water, whole wheat bread, brown rice or pasta, less fat, no refined sugar or white flour products. In short a basic healthy diet should help you on your way

Structural home remedies for insomnia

A light snack before bed

Don't eat large meals or eat sugary snacks before bed but also don't go to bed hungry. Stick to the middle and take a small high carb bedtime snack. Something like

  • A little cereal with milk and honey
  • Fruit and wholegrainbread
  • Warm milk and honey with graham crackers (preferrably the original ones)

Take these 2 hours before you go to bed. But again don't drink too much otherwise you will wake up during the night for a number 1

Structural home remedies for insomnia

Don't use stimulants and alcohol after 4 pm

Drinks and food like coffee, colas, chocolate etc contain stimulants that can ruin your night's sleep. Don't use thes after 4 pm, same goes for smoking

Alcoholic nightcaps sound like a perfect...well nightcap but after it puts you asleep the effect will wear off and it will wake you up again

Home remedies for insomnia
Insomnia treatment, changing the setting

A change of setting might just be what you needed; this insomnia treatment takes a closer look at your bedroom and you may just find the solution that works for you

Structural home remedies for insomnia

A comfortable setting to sleep

When you experience insomnia over time you might start to associate your bedroom with sleepless nights and tossing and turning, which makes it even worse

So for this insomnia treatment make your bedroom as comfortable as possible

  • Use colors that you like in your bedroom

  • Make sure the room is dark keeping out the light with curtains or shades. Use eye-shades if necessary

  • Soundproof your bedroom to keep noise outside. When you go to sleep turn on a small turning fan or some light music at very low volume, this will drown out the outside noises. Put in earplugs if it helps keeping noise out

  • Buy the bed that is comfortable to you, no matter what it is

  • Keep the temperature right, cool it when it's too hot and warm it up when too cold

  • Wear loose fitting clothes

  • Hide all the clocks. When you have set the alarm for the morning hide the clocks, the less you know about what time it is the better you'll sleep

Final note

How much sleep you need is different from individual to individual, it is up to you to decide what is best for you

Also remember that all people are individuals and all cases are different. What works for one person in one situation might not work for another person. So don't despair if one home remedy doesn't immediately work for you, you can try another one probably with more success

Maybe you even need a few of these insomnia treatments together, you'll have to find out what works best in your case

However even after using these suggested natural insomnia treatments you still can't get to sleep or sleep as much as you need contact your doctor

Good night!

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