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Welcome to the Natural Home Remedies family. You’re going the “alternative” way. Why on earth it is called alternative is really beyond us, isn’t nature the root, the original? Our modern world doesn’t seem to think so anymore

But just like millions of others you’ve decided to start looking for natural cures and natural remedies for a reason. No matter if it is the chemical, unclear ingredients in modern medicine. The lack of trust in big modern pharmaceutical companies, or the long lists of side effects that go with modern medicine that look sometimes even scarier than the ailments they are supposed to heal. The most important is that you looked for alternatives to over the counter medicine

Here you will find home remedies or natural cures that will guide you in the right direction. You will see that a few natural ingredients and a few simple changes in life style can make you feel a much better

natural home remedies

Time proven solutions

Home remedies and herbal medicine were successfully used against most common ailments and diseases for even longer as we can remember. Generation after generation people discovered, used and perfected these natural cures, giving us an invaluable treasure of tried and proven natural remedies. Since the introduction of our modern drugs, not so long ago, they were an almost forgotten gift of nature

But fortunately more and more people like you are rediscovering this lost art of curing yourself using simple and pure home remedies. You get them straight from nature which means free of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, preservatives and most of all, those nasty side effects.And that's exactly why they are getting more popular every day, all over our modern world

All the natural ingredients for a healthy life are right under our very noses

Most of these natural ingredients can even be found in our own kitchen cabinets and back yards! Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and spicesare often the basic elements for these homemade natural remedies

And what if you found out that natural home remedies are sometimes completely Free? Or at least much cheaper than all those synthetic & chemical medicines out there. Wouldn't that be another reason for us to stop and think again?

Besides that, imagine that you can cure yourself and your family that alone is priceless!

The basic idea behind Home Made Remedies is to use the natural components inside the herbs, spices and all the other foods. They fight the cause of the illness in a Natural way

And when you mix these Natural Home Remedies with a warm and loving environment it will work wonders

The way you live is reflected in your health

In our fast and busy lives we tend to forget that and have become more vulnerable to attracting illnesses. We developed terrible food and living habits and exercise is a machine that "easily folds under the bed" and stays there. We take no time to stop and see what we are doing to ourselves

Discover that sometimes with little changes in lifestyle and diet you can keep a lot of ailments and diseases right outside the door. Support it with some herbal supplements and you're off to the races. It is the only true way to build and keep your Natural Health

It's very clear that you don't want to play around with your health or that of your loved ones, Life is simply too precious

This is especially true for your growing up children. You can use home remedies and ingredients to build them the best defense, also paying close attention to what they eat and how much they play outside or exercise

Becoming aware

It's just a matter of becoming more aware of the possibilities that natural remedies have to offer

Besides the old home remedies there are also some peculiar and relative new ones

Did you know for instance that duct tape can effectively remove warts? Or that Listerine (yes the mouthwash) is very useful against hair lice?

Sounds strange? Every day both scientists and people like you and us discover new natural remedies. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes after a long period of trial and error

Search and Find

Trying to find that one natural cure that helps. In case of that indigestion, constipation, stubborn acne, that nasty itchy rash or when you simply can't fall asleep at night. There's always a natural remedy that works for you

Over the years we have collected, tested and used many of these home remedies and cures. Only the best ones we kept and make them available to you so you can expand your knowledge or start to set up a solid basic understanding

...and we hope to never see you again...!!

The best thing we can hope for is that you will remain healthy for the rest of your life, and that you will never have to return again, having built both a solid foundation, and a natural line of defense!

No but seriously, there's always something new to discover. New naturalhome remedies, new natural cures, or get some of the latest natural beauty tips and homemade skin care recipes, or natural hair care recipes with all natural and organic ingredients

Whenever you want to share a home remedy with us, simply drop us a line. Use the Contact Us button in the navigation bar or click here

Understandable language

We tried to keep the language as understandable as possible especially in explaining the medical side, like descriptions, causes and symptoms

Find out for yourself why home remedies are THE Original. And that nature provides us with a Pure and Effective Cure for most common ailments

We want to give you the natural tools to treat and cure yourself and the ones you love

Natural Home Remedies
Ailments & Conditions

home remedies

A final note

Remember that all people are individuals and different, what works for one person in one case will not automatically work for others. So carefully try some different home remedies if one doesn’t seem to work

Some natural ingredients are very powerful in every way, so make sure you know what and how much you are taking before you use it

If you are using medication make sure to ask your doctor if natural remedies do not interfere with your medicine

We do not want to disqualify your family doctor or local hospital, they do extremely good work and if you suspect more serious health issues go pay them a visit. Mention that you are looking for more natural cures

...and always remember you're already gifted with the

most effective natural solution available:

Natural home remedies with a genuine smile

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