Why Homemade Natural Skin Care?

Lots of people have asked us why we prefer homemade natural skin care. The next is a relative short and to the point article we wrote to answer that question

There are so many products to choose from these days, so many commercials crying out for your attention and promising you instant eternal youth, so many brands and companies. We're not surprised that also you can't see the forest for the trees. It's becoming harder and harder to find that one natural skin care product that really works for you

Besides all this, cosmetic companies, just as their pharmaceutical brothers, are commercial companies looking for economic solutions to produce and sell as much as possible without spending too much money. The most unfortunate fact in this being that they spend most of their budget on advertising and marketing, not on finding the best quality ingredients

Dangerous ingredients

Are you just like us also concerned about all those abracadabra sounding ingredients on all these skin care products? We know that some of them are actually even dangerous to your health

Ingredients such as parabens, which are used as preservatives, are suspected to cause cancer; petrochemicals and their by products found in skin creams, lip balms, and foundations; lead (!) in lipsticks; mercury(!)in eyedrops and mascara; phthalates in nail polishes and hair sprays; and dioxane (known to cause cancer!!) in shampoos and body washes. Not to mention the almost endless list of other indistinct or vague ingredients found on those labels

natural skin care

Take the Natural way

Not only we but a fast growing group of people who are concerned about their health and natural beauty have decided to take the natural way. We decided to make and use our own homemade natural skin care recipes. We want to find out which homemade skin care products and ingredients can replace those chemical and sometimes even dangerous components in all these regular beauty products

You're in charge

When preparing homemade natural skin care recipes however, you are the one in charge, you are the ingredient buyer, recipe maker and quality controller in one. And when you stumble upon something you really like and want to share or promote, be your own advertising or marketing department. Tell everybody who wants to know about your own homemade natural beauty tips and recipes…don't forget to tell us about it too ;-)

For this reason we came up with, gathered and collected (and sometimes paid for ;-) ) as much natural skin care recipes we could lay our hands on. Then did a quality check and shared what we think would be the best or most useful ones

So check our natural beauty page, from there you can find many homemade natural beauty recipes, tips and ideas

Body & Skin Care

...and always remember you're already gifted with the

most effective natural solution available:

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