How to Prevent Diabetes
with a bit of perseverance

If you want to know how to prevent diabetes, it is actually relatively simple. With all the information from the diabetes management, natural cures, diet and exercise pages you also have enough information to keep diabetes as far away as is possible in your situation

OK not everything is within your power, but with all the tips and suggestions you can go a far way

how to prevent diabetes

Diabetes type 1 prevention

Unfortunately there is no way yet to prevent type 1 diabetes. (See Diabetes Causes) Because of the genetic factors there is only so much you can prevent. There's unfortunately not much you can do about the genes you received from your parents

A healthy immune system is more within reach by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly

How to prevent diabetes type 2

Preventing diabetes type 2 can also only be done up to some point, and again the main culprit is genetics. You can't change your genetic make-up. But again keeping to a healthy diet and exercising regularly may keep type 2 diabetes out the door

The tips and suggestions from the diabetes management and natural remedies pages should give you a good basic idea on where to start

So basically when you want to prevent both diabetes types 1 & 2, you have to keep almost exactly the same healthy rules as when you already DO have diabetes

But the very basis of it all is a healthy and active life style. Meaning eat a balanced and healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis because overweight is one of the main reasons people develop diabetes type 2

So, how to prevent diabetes exactly? Of course there are some foods that are more helpful than others and we cover them on our natural remedies page, but the main idea is to get into a new life style that will minimise the risk of getting diabetes. You can visit our diabetes management page to find out which lifestyle, food stuffs and food patterns work best to keep diabetes as far away as is possible


Pre diabetes is the stage, as the name obviously suggests, before you actually have diabetes 2. People who are in the pre-diabetes stage have raised blood glucose levels but not yet high enough to be diabetic. Needless to say this is not a good place to be and if you think you're in the pre-diabetes stage you HAVE to take action otherwise you will be diagnosed one day with diabetes

If only for the fact that it also puts you at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease

Unfortunately pre diabetes has no crisp and clear symptoms so there is always a chance that you have it but you're not aware of it

Simple pre diabetes test

The American Diabetes Association have devised a simple test (will take you 1 min) that can tell you if you are in the pre diabetes stage and that you run the risk of getting diabetes. If you feel you are in a higher risk group then don't hesitate, take the diabetes risk test

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