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Face Mask Recipe

Yes you read it correctly Kitty Litter Mask! Don't click away in disgust yet…give us a few moments to explain. Just as strange and icky as it may sound in the beginning so effective, useful and affordable it actually is. Not so many people know yet of the effectiveness AND the fun of making and using a kitty litter mask. Well maybe you and we can change that. It is a misunderstood but very useful ingredient to use when making face masks

And everyone, and that includes you, can enjoy a relaxing and satisfying natural spa experience right there in your own home with this kitty litter mask. It's all made clear; these face mask recipes are as simple as ABC, affordable or downright cheap and you probably have the ingredients already somewhere in your kitchen cabinets

We have the recipe you bring the energy
…and the ingredients and some kitchen utensils please

Why a kitty litter mask, what’s in it for me
…or my skin?

Unscented kitty litter is nothing more or less than Clay grains, to be more specific Bentonite clay. And this is exactly the same clay that is used in clay masks you pay big money for when you buy it in a store or spa!

A bit of science, not much, just enough to get the point: When you add water to kitty litter or Bentonite, the molecular structure changes and an electrical charge is produced. No don't worry you won't be electrocuted. The clay starts to swell like a sponge and this electrical charge attracts toxins from your skin into the mixture and once they are drawn, they stick to the clay because of this charge

Besides this it also absorbs oils from your skin. This is why a Kitty Litter mask is best suited for oily, dirty and large pores skin

If you want to find out more about kitty litter or bentonite clay as an active ingredient in do-it-yourself facial masks visit our homemade facial mask basics page by clicking on the link. There you can also find out more about many other possible ingredients and ways to combine them into your own signature facial mask recipe

Some useful tips

Before applying any facial mask clean your face and neck with fresh water. Take off all cosmetics, creams, lotions, in short: everything. Use a non abrasive, non aggressive soap if necessary. When finished, pat your skin dry

Even better is to take a hot shower or a steam bath to clean and open up your pores. For some useful steam bath suggestions & tips check our steam bath page

When you have applied the kitty litter mask make sure you take your time to lie down, place a towel under your head and neck. Put 2 cucumber slices on your eyes; or use 2 used and cooled down chamomile teabags (our personal favorite!) or 2 cotton pads soaked in rose or lavender water

To make your face mask experience even more satisfying we suggest you check our quick facial tips page. These will smooth things out just a little bit more

Face Mask Recipe
The Kitty Litter Mask

Here we have the infamous kitty litter mask for you. This one should keep you occupied and absorbed for a while;-)

First of all avoid any kitty litter with crystals or other scented ingredients or properties. They can irritate your skin. Also keep 1 bag especially for making masks, do not share a bag with your cat, the scoop will contaminate your supply which will make it useless for using as a kitty litter mask

And p-l-e-a-s-e NEVER EVER re-use the clay from the litter box…sometimes you just have to state the most obvious...

Anyway enjoy making and applying this face mask recipe all by yourself or with friends

It's now official home spa pampering time! Gather the ingredients, invite some friends over, turn off your phone, turn on your favorite music, pour that drink you love, shift your mind to the good things in life, put on a smile and most importantly:

Think positive, happy thoughts and relax...

this is actually half the secret of these recipes!

Enjoy and have FUN!

Face mask recipe

Basic Kitty litter mask

(For oily skin)

What do you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of Kitty Litter
  • fresh water
  • Ingredient of choice, could be essential oils, herbs, plant extracts, whatever fits your purpose, taste or style

How to do it:

Put the kitty litter in a mixing bowl, add water and stir gently. Don't put in too much water, it should appear muddy and not too watery. Then add your "secret" ingredients of choice; tea tree oil, almond oil, aloe vera gel, infused rose oil, chamomile oil, lavender essential oil they are all very pleasant to work with, just look around and see what works best for you Mix it all well until you have a smooth substance

Depending on the power of your microwave, put the bowl in there for something between 10 to 20 seconds full blast. This will just warm up the mixture which is necessary to open up your pores

It now should look muddy and flat, with water just below the muddy surface

Stick your fingers in the clay and only apply the clay WATER to your face, the grains are not really necessary and too rough on your delicate skin anyway. The water contains enough clay particles to work with. If you get any grains on your face, don't panic, simply wash them off

Gently and evenly spread the mask onto your face; keep your eye area clear, it's too drying for this place

Now lie down, relax and leave the mask to dry, this should take 10-15 minutes

Then gently wash it off with warm water, end with a splash of cold; pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Finally apply a moisturizer, this way you "seal" your skin to keep the water inside

Not too often

Because clay can really dry out your skin do not use a clay mask too often; once a week or once in two weeks should be enough. If you have dry skin don't use a kitty litter mask or any clay mask, it will dry out your skin even more

Words of caution about ingredients

Some words of Caution

A lot of fruits contain citric acid. Lemon, lime and orange (juice) in specific. When you use them in a skin treatment always be careful with how much you use. Too much can cause acid burns. Also if you have sensitive skin be extra aware with these ingredients

Same goes for all essential oils, this is really powerful stuff; be very careful what and how much you use

Because you can never be too careful when it comes to your skin, always do a patch test on a small piece of skin (e.g. behind the ear) to see how your skin reacts to separate ingredients

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...and always remember you're already gifted with the

most effective natural solution available:

Natural home remedies with a genuine smile

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