Natural Beauty
Ain't nothing like the real thing

Do you want to discover what real natural beauty means to you? If so, these pages will try to give you a flying start or at least a point of reference for your search toward your own. Read on and discover the natural way to look after and treat yourself

The "seasoned naturalists" hopefully will find some new ideas to try. Or the other way around you can help us letting the "natural newbies" get a good first impression and taste of the best of what natural beauty can mean by submitting new natural beauty ideas

For the natural beauty enthusiasts, we selected all natural skin care ideas and homemade cosmetics. These natural skin care recipes, other homemade beauty recipes and skin care tips, are all with a natural and organic approach and ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals, no artificial stuff, no animal testing, just no non-sense homemade cosmetics. Simple and always pure, honest and all natural and organic

Why natural?

Are you curious why we and a fast growing group of concerned people choose the natural skin care way? Click here to read more about it

Natural beauty,
what do we mean with it?

What do we exactly mean with natural beauty in this case? We do believe that real natural beauty comes from within, no doubt. For now however, we will focus on the outer layer, the "aesthetic maintenance" of our building if you will

Here we want to talk to you about how nature, natural skin care and natural hair care can practically and effectively help you to become that natural beauty you actually are

Hmmm, now we start to sound like those commercials trying to sell you beauty from a jar. That's also not what we're here for; all we do want is that you responsibly try and find out which natural skincare and natural hair care products have maximum effect on you. And certainly not less important is how to use them safely

All natural skincare, the next smart step

Does this sound like you? "Yes, I am responsible for my own health and yes I care about my natural beauty. So just as I choose carefully what to put in my mouth when I eat, I am also very careful to what I put on my skin." Sounds logical and familiar doesn't it? To us it does and it should do to you

If you are taking care of all your organs by watching what you eat then please don't leave out the biggest organ of them all: your skin . Your skin is the largest organ of your body, responsible for many basic and essential functions in it. Anything you put on it can be easily absorbed into your body through the pores. By eating healthy you take care of what's going on within your body and the logical next smart step is thinking about what you put on your skin

What does your skin actually need?

Do you know that the key to a soft, smooth, clear, and glowing natural skin is nutrition? It is one of the main aspects of natural skin care and also of your own natural beauty. Almost all we need for our beauty and health can be found in nature…or sometimes even in your kitchen cabinets for that matter?

It is so simple to understand, yet so difficult for many of us to realize it in our daily lives and keep it going. But basically all that your skin needs is a healthy diet with extra emphasis on some specific "skin friendly" foods that contain elements most helpful in keeping your skin healthy

The fresh ingredients used in all the homemade beauty recipes also directly provide your skin with these necessary elements

For a healthy body and skin, your body's PH levels should be slightly alkaline. The alkaline food list explains exactly how your PH balance can be kept at healthy levels

Active natural skin care recipes

Another "natural beauty recipe" is to stay in shape; this also applies to your face and skin. That's why we've included facial exercises to train your facial muscles and skin to keep everything toned and in shape. This is a more active natural "recipe" to achieve and keep your specific all natural beauty look. It simply makes your skin look younger and more vital

'Are homemade cosmetics difficult to make?'

Very short and simple: NO. Generally homemade cosmetics are not that difficult to prepare. It is relatively easy to set up shop in your own kitchen or bathroom and these homemade beauty recipes are also very easy to follow. Most ingredients are rather easy to find and inexpensive or downright cheap. And finally there's always the intense satisfaction of making something by and for yourself

Making and taking time for yourself with homemade beauty recipes

Making and taking time for yourself and these homemade beauty recipes is an important, even essential part of your natural beauty. You can just quickly whip up some homemade skin care recipe and get it over with, no problem. But then you're missing out on a big part of the whole fun and its effects on you

'Investing time in yourself is by itself already an all natural beauty recipe'

Plan some time for yourself, relax. Invite some friends if that is what you need or make sure you can't be disturbed. Switch off the phone(s), dim the lights, put on some music you like and shift your mind to nice and happy thoughts. Open up a bottle and pour a glass of that nice bubbly stuff or whatever it is you enjoy drinking so much and relax even more

Next, follow the instructions for the homemade skin care recipe(s) or exercises of choice and take the time to enjoy. Remember that relaxing by itself is already half the recipe!

One final thing

Hold on for a few seconds longer. After all this praise and glory about homemade all natural skin care recipes, you should also be aware that "all natural" does not immediately mean allergy free or totally danger free. Some people can be allergic to the most natural ingredients on earth. While misusing some natural ingredients can also have an opposite or harmful effect

So be careful with the ingredients you use. And if you're not sure about a specific ingredient do a patch test on a small part of skin to see how your body reacts. Or talk to an aesthetician or dermatologist if you think your skin is especially sensitive

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Ladies…and gentlemen, aficionadettes and dudes, prepare to make your own cosmetics

We have divided these homemade cosmetics in major categories which in their turn are again subdivided in more specific homemade beauty recipes

One click on the product you want to make will take you to the recipe page… 

Having said all that... It's now official home spa pampering time! Gather the ingredients, invite some friends over, turn off your phone, turn on your favorite music, pour that drink you love, shift your mind to the good things in life, put on a smile and most importantly:

Think positive, happy thoughts and relax...

this is actually half the secret of these recipes!

Enjoy and have FUN!

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