Natural Remedies for Insomnia
quick fixes to fall asleep...good night

hese natural remedies for insomnia will end it all. The staring up at the ceiling, seeing hour after hour slowly passing by on your alarm clock. If you simply can't fall asleep, you're tired and unrefreshed in the morning. It's all history; see how some simple habit and behavioral changes can give you your night, and day, back

natural remedies for insomnia

Insomnia can be beaten,
let's get back to sleep, right here, right now!

You probably also found out that the chemical sleeping medication sold out there can be quiet addictive and might not be that good for your mental and physical health in the long run. If you didn't know…now you do

These very effective and proven natural remedies for insomnia have helped many, many people like you…and us as well by the way. And you too will finally catch that deep sleepand wake up refreshed and invigorated. The only two things you need are one of these insomnia remedies and the will to do something about it. And we definitely know you have the last one

Quick fix

Some ingredients for the quick fix insomnia treatments you might have at home somewhere in your kitchen or medicine cabinet. They are easy to apply and very powerful. And if you don't have them, most are very affordable or downright cheap

Let's get started then, first a short explanation then:

What is insomnia?

Very simply put it means that you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or both. This means that you can't get enough quality or quantity sleep. How many hours of sleep you need varies of course from person to person, but quality sleep is what everybody needs to stay healthy

We all know that not being able to get to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep can be a real killer. It can ruin your daytime activities, keep you from thinking straight or concentrating, and even change your personality

Tossing and turning, looking at the ceiling, checking the clock every 7 minutes, it can really drive you up the wall


People who suffer from it wake up in the morning feeling unrefreshed and it can have a serious physical and psychological effect on them. It can seriously affect your energy level, mood, how you function at work, your health in general and most important the quality of your life

It is a very common, but for the sufferer very disturbing medical issue. Most people have experienced insomnia at some point in their lives. It is estimated that 30 to 50% of the people have experienced it and 10 to 15% are said to have chronic insomnia

It affects women more than men, and the older you get the more likely you will experience it. Chronic alcoholics, people in lower socioeconomic groups and people with mental health problems seem to suffer more of this than usual


Insomnia isn't actually a disease or a diagnosis, it is a actually a symptom of an underlying cause. If you can find the cause or causes there's a good chance you can fix these sleepless nights

Insomnia types

There are 4 types of insomnia that are clearly identified; they are qualified by the time someone is suffering from the problem

Transient insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep lasting for just a few days (less than a week)

Short term insomnia

Sleeping problems lasts one to three weeks

Acute insomnia

Lasts between three weeks to six months

Chronic insomnia

This can last for years

When to contact your doctor

You should contact your doctor if the insomnia lasts longer than 3 or 4 weeks. Even sooner if it interferes with your job or school or ability to function normally

Most of the times insomnia may be a symptom of an underlying medical or psychological problem. This needs to be treated before or at the same time as the insomnia

Natural remedies for insomnia
Quick fix and immediate treatment

For these natural insomnia treatments you only need what you probably have already in your kitchen. They are affordable or downright cheap, easy to use and time proven effective

Natural remedies for insomnia


The good old fashioned mug of nice warm milk is still one of the most used home remedies for insomnia, and for a good reason…it works

Milk contains a natural component called tryptophan, this is a very effective ingredient to make you sleepy. But to really activate the tryptophan you have to warm up the milk. Don't boil it, take it from the heat source when it starts to froth, that's just before it starts to boil

You can drink it straight up, or to add an extra "punch" to it by putting some honey in it, orcinnamon, or some drops of lemon juice, or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. All these extra ingredients have natural relaxing properties by themselves so when you add them to your milk it gets even more powerful

For yet another extra effect you can eat a graham cracker (preferably the original one) with it, or some low sugar cereal

Any way when you only drink milk, drink it 30 minutes before you go to bed, when you take it with a light snack do it 2 hours before you turn in

Natural remedies for insomnia


Celery is also a natural relaxer; it soothes the nerves and makes you relaxed

You can eat celery raw, or slightly boiled. But if you don't like the taste you can put some celery in a juicer to extract the celery juice. Mix it with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice and enjoy

You can also add some honey to the celery juice for taste

Slowly drink it 30 minutes before you go to bed

Natural remedies for insomnia


Lettuce contains a sleep stimulating substance called lectucarium. The lettuce juice has a light sedative action just like opium only much lighter. This is why it is one of the most popular home remedies for insomnia. You can take lettuce in a few ways

You can eat it raw or better yet cooked

Or shred a cup full of its leaves, pour some boiling water on it, cover it and leave it for 30 minutes. Strain it add honey or lemon to taste and drink it

Another variation is to take 1 tablespoon of lettuce seeds and put them in 1 pint (1/2 L) of boiling water. Let it boil for a few minutes until 1/3 of the water is gone. Then strain and drink

Natural remedies for insomnia


Honey has been in use and recognized for its medicinal power for thousands of years. It is a natural sedative and soothes tissues and helps to keep up your calcium level. That's why Winnie the Pooh probably looks so sleepy all the time...but serious honey can calm you down just enough to get you into deep sleep

Simply put 2 teaspoons of honey in a cup of hot water and drink it. Adding it to one of the herbal teas that help you relax even sounds like a better idea


If your baby is under 1 year and suffering from sleepless nights, DO NOT give him/ her honey! Their systems are not yet strong enough for some of the powerful natural ingredients in honey

Herbal home remedies for insomnia

There are many herbs that can be used as natural remedies for insomnia. Maybe you have some in your back yard or else you can buy them fresh at your health store or as dried supplements or even as pills

Natural remedies for insomnia


Valerian has been used as a medicine for thousands of years; it has relaxing and sedative properties which makes you sleepy and reach deep sleep much easier. The smell is not to everyone's taste but the way it works on insomnia is highly appreciated

Boil 1 cup of water and mix it with 2 teaspoons of dried valerian root. Leave it for a few minutes then strain it and drink. It tastes pretty strong so you might want to add some honey for taste

Valerian is often combined with passionflower for extra effect it is also available as a less smelly supplement in your health store


Pregnant or nursing women should NOT take valerian without medical advice. Children younger than 3 years old should also not take valerian. Also don't take it in combination with alcohol or sedative drugs...they're potentially dangerous combinations 

Natural remedies for insomnia

Kava Kava

For thousands of years it's known that kava kava has relaxing properties. Studies suggest that kava kava is effective against insomnia, particularly in improving sleep quality and shortening the time you need to fall asleep

Kava is available in many varieties like capsule, tablet, beverage, tea, and liquid extract forms. You can find it in your health store

Since kava is very powerful, when you decide to use it as an insomnia treatment, you should only use it under supervision of a qualified health care provider and a talk with your doctor


Don't take kava within 2 weeks before surgery. Pregnant and nursing women, children, and people with liver or kidney disease also shouldn't take kava

Natural remedies for insomnia

Passion Flower

This all natural insomnia treatment originates from South America and uses passion flower blooms, it has a slightly less stronger effect than valerian or kava but still is very useful as a natural insomnia treatment

You can mix 1 cup of boiling water with a few passion flower blooms. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Strain it and you can add honey to taste. Drink it right before you turn in

Dried passion flower is also available as a supplement in capsule form

Passion flower is often combined with valerian or lemon balm for better effect


DO NOT take passionflower if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Valerian might also interact with other medications so first contact your doctor

Natural remedies for insomnia


Since we are not here to pass moral judgment or any judgment whatsoever, but simply to provide you with those natural insomnia treatments that have worked for many people, marijuana is on this list

Cannabis which is another word for marijuana has been used for thousands of years and its medicinal qualities are scientifically proven. These days however, as you probably know, moral and ethical issues and, in some cases, legality are the point of some serious debates

Medical marijuana is used to relieve pain and to treat many more ailments. Its ingredients have relaxing and soothing properties. Inhaling the smoke before you go to bed makes you drowsy and ready to sleep


We understand that there are moral but mostly legal matters about this drug that keep people from medicinal use. We therefore suggest you take your time before deciding if this natural insomnia treatment is useful for you or not

Herbal Tea home remedies for insomnia

Natural remedies for insomnia


Aniseed relaxes the nervous system which makes it a useful natural insomnia treatment

Make a tea by boiling 3/4 pint (375 ml) of water, then add 1 teaspoon of aniseed. Cover it up and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Then strain it and drink it hot or warm, you can add honey or milk to taste of course. Take it after meals or just before you turn in

The tea may be sweetened with honey, and hot milk may also be added to it. This tea should be taken after meals or before going to bed


Babies should not be treated with anise tea or seeds; this could do more harm than good

Natural remedies for insomnia

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm contains high amounts of terpenes, these natural chemicals have sedative properties. It relaxes and makes it easier for you to catch sleep and stay asleep

Put 3 teaspoons of dried herb in a cup and pour hot water over it. Leave it for a few minutes, then strain it and drink just before you turn in

It is often mixed with passion flower for extra effect

Natural remedies for insomnia

More herbal teas

  • Chamomile
  • Catnip
  • Pennyroyal
  • Hops
  • Skullcap tea

all these make you relax, soothe your nerves and make you sleepy. They are all very effective natural sedatives and very useful natural remedies for insomnia

Natural remedies for insomnia

Tea, Vanilla butter & Cinnamon

Make a cup of your favorite tea, add a small cinnamon stick or sprinkle some powdered cinnamon in it and finally add 3 or 4 teaspoons of vanilla butter

Both the vanilla and the cinnamon have relaxing and soothing properties which can add up if you also use on of the relaxing herbal teas to begin with

Natural remedies for insomnia


Lavender is also a very useful and effective natural insomnia treatment. It has relaxing properties and even makes you sleep more relaxed. The smell is often enough to make you drowsy and ready for sleep

You can apply lavender in many ways

  • Make a lavender tea with its flowers
  • Apply lavender oil on your muscles or rub your feet with it
  • Add lavender oil to your bathwater
  • Put some fresh lavender under your pillow
  • Sprinkle a few drops on a cloth on your pillow or next to your bed
  • Use a vaporizer to spread the fumes across your bedroom


Make sure you get the right kind of lavender, because e.g. Spanish lavender will have exactly the opposite effect of what you're looking for

Natural remedies for insomnia
Natural supplements

There are some supplements which can be helpful in getting your sleeping act together before you turn to long term treatment, it might just work for you

Natural remedies for insomnia


Melatonin is a natural hormone found in our bodies, and it plays an important role in regulating our circadian rhythm or internal clock. The signal melatonin gives to your body is part of the system that regulates your circadian cycle, in short the cycle of being awake and sleeping. This means it causes drowsiness and lowers your body temperature making your body ready for sleep

Although there is still some serious research going on about melatonin, a lot of people have used it as a natural insomnia treatment and benefited from it

You can buy melatonin supplements in the pharmacy section of most grocery stores

Final note

Although we hope our quick fixes for getting you to sleep have worked, we don't recommend using these insomnia treatments for a longer period of time. First of all they might loose their effectiveness because your body gets used to some of them, and it also suggests that your problem is a more structural one. In this case check the long term natural insomnia treatments and cures or contact your doctor

How much sleep you need is different from individual to individual, it is up to you to decide what works best for you

Also remember that all people are individuals and all cases are different. What works for one person in one situation might not work for somebody else. So don't despair if one home remedy doesn't immediately work for you, you can try another one probably with more success

Maybe you even need a few of these insomnia treatments together, you'll have to find out what works best in your case

If after using our suggested natural insomnia treatments you still can't get to sleep or sleep as much as you need, contact your doctor

Good Night!

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