Snoring Cure
...and all the trees were saved

The term snoring cure is actually a bit misleading since snoring can, most of the times, not really be cured in the medical sense of the way. The ones who snore are basically snorers for you think so?

We don't, because it can very successfully be controlled with the help of a few straightforward remedies, which are actually no more than some small habit and lifestyle changes. So simple almost everybody can apply them and notice instant success

...this way saving the trees in the world's forests from being brutally sawed down by those chain saw snorers ;-)

You need to know more about snoring

Before you start looking for a natural snoring cure you'll have to know a few things about snoring: what it actually is, what are the symptoms and what are the possible snoring causes. This information will help you to find out what it is, what it does and what makes you snore so you can directly find the most suitable "snoring cure" for your situation

If you already know enough about your snoring situation and probable cause(s) and you are ready to take direct action, you need to check

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These natural home cures are the most simple AND the most effective snoring cures you will find out there without having to buy gadgets, widgets & pills and paying huge bills

Alright let's get started!

What is snoring?

In a normal situation the air you breathe in while you sleep flows smoothly through your air passage. When you snore, for some reasons and we will talk about the causes in a moment, your air passage is partially blocked by body tissues and muscles in your throat. This causes them to vibrate because of the passing air

When you fall into a deep sleep, the muscles in your throat, tongue and roof of your mouth relax. This relaxation causes your throat tissues to sag. And every time you breathe these tissues make your airway narrower, they start to vibrate or flutter. This vibrating noise can be so loud that it can keep you or anyone in range from a good night's rest

Generally men are much more likely to snore than women. About 71% of the men snore at some point in their lives and only 51% of the women. Most female snorers start to do so after menopause by the way

OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Snoring is closely related to sleep apnea, this is where you have a very heavy and irregular breathing pattern where the breathing suddenly stops for about 10 seconds or more and then continues with a heavy snorting sound

Symptoms of snoring

Okay, it is not always as loud as this picture might suggest...but still...

Most of the times the symptoms of snoring are quiet loud and obvious. But besides the noise there are a few more symptoms that can point you in the direction of snoring, this is specifically useful if nobody hears you or nobody makes you aware of the fact you snore. This "unknowingly" snoring can have some serious impact on your night rest and daily activities


Well we think your bed partner, roommates or children have probably made it very clear that you make a rather significant nasal sound when you sleep. This is as we all know the most important symptom of snoring

Irregular breathing

But you could also have an irregular breathing pattern with all kinds of smaller nasal sounds

How heavy or frequent you snore you can tell by a few clues

  • if your bed mate decides to move to a separate bed you're a moderate snorer
  • If he or she moves to a separate bedroom you're a moderately heavy snorer
  • If on the other hand your neighbors decide to move then you're in big snoring trouble and you more than anything need some potent snoring cures
  • If however you sleep alone and nobody ever mentioned it to you, there are a few pointers that could tell you if you may be a snorer

Not refreshed after sleeping

When you wake up after sleeping and you do not feel refreshed, or you have memory and concentration problems, you could be a snorer

Disturbing yourself

When you snore you can also disturb yourself in your sleep even without knowing. This can lead to a lack in quality sleep which in turn could lead to being tired and sleepy during the day and you taking a lot of naps

Mood changes

In more extreme cases this can also lead to mood changes like anxiety or irritability, or more serious to personality changes

Decreased sexual drive

Snoring and not getting enough quality sleep, can also lead to a decreased sexual drive and even depression

Causes of snoring

There are many factors that play a role but the most usual causes of snoring are very useful to understand. Some causes can be influenced and could point you in a certain direction as where to look for your snoring cureand how to stop snoring


Fat gathers also around the throat and neck this makes your throat become narrower causing the snoring sound


Smoking causes your body to produce too much mucus; this excess mucus can seriously obstruct your airways, which in turn makes you snore


A lot of people are familiar with this one. Alcohol relaxes your muscles and also softens the tissue in the throat. This can all lead to blocking of the airways with the familiar noisy consequences

Throat weakness or muscle tension

Because of throat weakness or a wrong position of the jaw because of tension in the muscle your air passage can be blocked and the airflow is not smooth anymore

Underlying ailments or diseases

Allergies, asthma or relative simple ailments like a simple cold, sinus infection or flu can also restrict your airways


E.g. sleeping tablets make snoring even worse. Other medication can cause dryness or small irritations in your nose and airways which makes you more susceptible to snoring

Sleep apnea

Snoring is closely related to sleep apnea. In the case of apnea your throat tissues seriously obstruct your airway which then prevents you from breathing

Eventually your body will notice the fact that it isn't getting oxygen anymore and the carbon dioxide will give you a "poke in the ribs" to wake you up to prevent you from suffocating. This forces you of course to open up your airways and is normally accompanied with a loud snorting sound

This is a serious condition and you need to contact your doctor when you think you suffer from it

Injuries to the nose

These kinds of injuries can also cause a partial blocking of your airways and nose which again can cause you to snore more easily

Mouth breathers

People who have some kind of obstruction of the airway in the nose have to breathe through their mouths. These so called "mouth breathers" snore because the flow of air through the mouth causes even greater vibration of all the tissues


Slightly more than half of the people inherit the problem from their parents; so unless you can change biological parents halfway through your life this is just a small fact...

The way your mouth is build

When you have a low, thick and soft palate (roof of your mouth) or slightly enlarged tonsils or other tissues in the back of your throat (adenoids, a single clump of tissue in the back of the nose.) This all can narrow your airway

Or if the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula) is longer than usual, the airflow can be obstructed causing you to snore


It may not be the a real cause but when you lie down to sleep gravity pulls on your body tissues. So when you lie on your back gravity pulls all the soft and tissue into your airways, this strengthens the effect of all other causes


The older you get, the weaker your muscles and also throat muscles become. These weak throat muscles cause the tissues around it to sag and vibrate


Before you choose a snoring cure, first find out what it actually is and what is causing it in your situation. Then you will know how to stop snoring for sure. Because, as you probably can tell, some of these causes can be fairly easy overcome with some of these straightforward simple snoring cures

Ready for the snoring cure?

By now you should now enough about your snoring situation to make a choice between the different natural snoring cures we have selected. So carefully go through our list of natural snoring remedies and select the snoring cure that suits your circumstances

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If you want to know more about snoring, you might want to try the Wikipedia snoring page. For a more medical explanation you could try the WebMD snoring remedies section

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