Snoring Remedies
What do you want to do for a snore free night?

You have to know that snoring remedies are often no more than some relative small changes in lifestyle. They are very easy to try with sometimes maximum result. 

Let me guess, your snoring kept your bed partner awake again last night...or the other way around, right?

Snoring can put your relationship under serious strain; we know all about it, keeping half the house awake with the sound of a misfiring buzz saw. Endless nights of poking ribs and even spending some nights on the couch or spare bedroom...believe us we know

But snoring can also keep the snorer him or herself from getting a good night's sleep. This lack of quality and quantity sleep can have all kinds of consequences like concentration problems, tiredness even anxiety

These very effective and proven home remedies for snoring have helped many, many people like you…and us as well. The only two things you need are one of these snoring prevention advices and the will to do something about it. And we know you have the last one

Don’t let the snoring kill your night rest

do something about it now

and tomorrow everyone wakes up...with a smile!

If you want to know more about what snoring exactly is, its symptoms and probable causes, read our explanation about snoring first. Maybe there you will already get a good idea what is causing your snoring problem. This will make it easier to find the snoring remedy that fits your situation

Stuck for life?

Snoring is not something you can stop at will and what's more unfortunate in most cases it is "medically incurable." You're stuck with it for life...or...

Fortunately it can be very successfully controlled with the help of a few straightforward home remedies for snoring. These snoring prevention pointers and suggestions are very simple yet useful tips about changes in habits and behavior which can keep you from waking up the house. This means that all you need is determination...

These lifestyle changes just can make the difference between endless nights of poking ribs, turning over or even worse changing bedrooms; or endless nights of sound and uninterrupted sleep for everybody

Will it work for me?

If a particular home remedy for snoring will work for you depends of course what the underlying reason of your snoring is, read here about probable causes

To make your search for a suitable snoring remedy a bit easier we divided them in sections

Home remedies for snoring
changing sleeping position

The first 3 home remedies for snoring have to do with the position you sleep in and what you can change about it to prevent snoring. The main goal is to keep your airways clear and the air flowing smoothly

Snoring remedies (changing sleeping position)

No Pillow

First try to sleep without any pillow. Pillows stimulate snoring by putting a kink in your neck which makes breathing much less easy. You can see how this works by simply sitting up straight, take a deep breath and in the middle of that deep breath bow your head...see and this is even without gravity pulling your tissues down into your airways

Snoring remedies (changing sleeping position)

Raising your upper body

snoring remedies, raise upper body

A bit the opposite is when you elevate not just your head but your entire upper body as much as possible this will make breathing also much easier. This because your tongue and jaw come forward and gravity doesn't pull your body tissues as much into the airway

Raise the entire head of the bed just a few inches (4" is best), you can do this by simply putting something under the legs of the head part (bricks, tiles, planks.) Or you could consider buying a bed with moving upper body parts

Snoring remedies (changing sleeping position)

Sleeping on your side

Most moderate snorers only snore when they are sleeping on their back. Sleeping on your side therefore can help to keep the airways open and stop you from snoring

"But I am asleep how do I know if I'm on my back or not?" We heard that question a few times before. There is a very easy home remedy to achieve this, sow a pocket with a tennis ball or golf ball in it on the back of your pajamas. This way when you roll on your back the discomfort of the ball will immediately turn you over

There are stories of civil war soldiers who had small cannonballs sown onto their sleeping outfit to prevent them from snoring and alerting the enemy

For heavy snorers these specific home remedies for snoring will do only a little good because they will probably snore in any position, but it is certainly worth a try

Snoring Remedies
Creative & Alternative solutions

There are some pretty unexpected home remedies for snoring out there, they are relatively new but already made quiet an impression on (ex-) snorers and scientists. These snoring prevention pointers are now actually being scientifically tested

Some of these alternative home remedies for snoring come mostly from Asia where this kind of alternative treatment is more usual. 1000's of years of experience are behind these kinds of treatments. We will give you one which is most practical for use at home

Alternative snoring remedies

Playing Didgeridoo

Now before you burst out in laughing and skip this one, please give us a minute to explain, it might be just what you're looking for

Thank you for staying… ;-)

A didgeridoo is an Australian aboriginal musical instrument which produces a droning sound when you sort of hum and blow in it. This action may help you to train the muscles of the upper airway and keep you from snoring

Scientists are still doing in depth research on the why and how of this snoring remedy but a lot of snorers and even people with sleep apnea have seriously benefited from this snoring prevention suggestion. They played around 25 to 30 minutes a day to get results

Because we also were impressed with what we heard about playing didgeridoo from former snorers and insomniacs, we did some searching ourselves and found out that there are many now ex-snorers who benefited from playing didgeridoo

There are many fantastic didgeridoo courses offered on the net as well as probably somewhere in your neighborhood. You'll learn how to play didgeridoo and slowly you will find out how to use it to get over your snoring or insomnia problem

We seriously recommend trying one of these and be impressed. Also don't forget to let us know how it worked out for you and how it cured your snoring

Alternative snoring remedies


Acupressure uses pressure on certain points in your body to help you get over specific complaints or ailments

We heard from an acupressure point known as the "Inner Gate." This point is between the 2 tendons in your wrist about 3 fingers from the point where your hand is attached to your wrist. Pressure on this point is meant to help you sleeping but it has also proven helpful in reducing snoring

There are also many sleep aid wrist bands available out there, take a look and see which would be best for you

Home remedies for snoring
Some lifestyle changes

The next few snoring prevention suggestions are lifestyle changes. Some are easier to apply than others but they all can positively influence your snoring habit

Snoring remedies (life style changes)

Losing weight

Most snorers are middle-aged, overweight men. Since you can't turn back time you might as well try to turn back the scales. This by the way applies to snorers in general; overweight is one of the major reasons for snoring

Men can already start snoring when they are 20% over their ideal body weight, with women that is 30 to 40%. If you are a moderate snorer losing a few pounds will make your snoring less loud or it may even totally disappear

This might be easier said than done we understand, but losing weight when you are overweight obviously also improves your general well being and health

So eat a well balanced diet with a lot of vegetables and fruit, wholegrain breads, oats, muesli, brown rice, pasta etc (complex carbohydrates), water, less fat, less or no refined sugar etc. A basic healthy diet

Exercise regularly, this stimulates your system, builds muscle, burns fat and keeps you generally in better shape

The goal is to get and keep your weight within a healthy range for your height, age, and body type

Snoring remedies (life style changes)

Watching medication

Sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antihistamine or anything that relaxes the tissues around the head and neck can cause your muscles to relax and maybe block your airways

Things to watch out for

Snoring remedies (life style changes)

  • No Alcohol
  • No Smoking
  • No big meals before bedtime
  • Less dairy products

All these can cause you to start snoring so try to stay away from them

Besides that smoking also kills, which is by the way a very effective snoring cure but not the one we and you had in mind


Some of these home remedies for snoring take some time. Take that time but keep serious in your approach; you DO want to the snoring to go away, right?

Snoring remedies
More bedroom changes

This group of snoring prevention tips take a look at what you can change in your bedroom to guarantee everybody a good night's rest

Snoring remedies (bedroom changes)

Regular sleeping pattern

Because snoring can be caused by tiredness and lack of enough quality sleeping hours try to go to bed at about the same time every night. This sleeping pattern will give you the amount of hours you need to sleep and make you feel rested

Your body gets used to this pattern and it will develop its own inner clock. You'll notice that in time you will wake up just before the time you set for yourself

If you like it or not but our bodies are routine junkies, they love routine, patterns and schedules; it makes them function at their best

Snoring remedies (bedroom changes)


To keep your airways open you can also put a humidifier in your bedroom; this will also lubricate your throat muscles

Another option is before you go to bed inhale steam from boiled water with some eucalyptus in it; this will also keep your airways open for a while

Snoring remedies (bedroom changes)

Removing allergy triggers

For some snorers it could be helpful to remove things from the bedroom that can trigger allergies like dust, mold, pets, stuffed animals and feather or down pillows and comforters. This can keep your airways from getting blocked by an allergic reaction

Final note

As you probably noticed yourself you can mix some of these home remedies for snoring to fit your personal situation and needs

If however your snoring is caused by something that can't be controlled by simple changes in lifestyle, your doctor can tell if that's the case, then you could consider more drastic measures. Surgery is one of them it could e.g. relieve you of an obstruction in your nose 

Snoring and sleep apnea can become a serious condition influencing you and your family

Also remember that all people are individuals and all cases are different. What works for one person in one situation might not work for another person. So don't despair if one home remedy doesn't immediately work for you, you can try another one probably with more success

However if after using our suggested home remedies for snoring you still keep everyone around you awake at night, or notice any symptoms that can point to sleep apnea immediately contact your doctor

Good Night!

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