What Causes Diabetes
Know the causes and use these to stay diabetes free

When in your case you know what causes diabetes or what might cause it, most of the times you are already one giant step ahead. You can use this in your diabetes management plan to try and keep the disease in control or sometimes even out of the door

What causes diabetes
mellitus type 1 & 2

Type 1 Diabetes

The causes of type 1 diabetes are not yet exactly clear. One type 1 diabetes cause seems to be that you can inherit it from your parents. This is more obvious for the development of diabetes in children, but this alone can't cause the diabetes. So if you have family members with diabetes you run a higher risk

Scientists do know that another possible type 1 diabetes cause has something to do with the immune system. A healthy immune system protects us from diseases and it protects us from bad cells. When the immune system gets confused it can start attacking good cells. In some cases the healthy cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, this in turn causes diabetes

Recent research by the American Diabetes Association show that certain viruses in combination with this inherited state of being more open and sensitive to diabetes may lead to diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

One cause of diabetes type 2 is also genetics. Even more than with type 1 if you have a family history of diabetes you run a higher chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes

Another cause of diabetes type 2 has been linked to people with overweight or obesity. The overweight causes the body to become insulin resistant. This combined with high blood pressure and high cholesterol can lead to diabetes type 2

It's not exactly a cause of diabetes type 2 but a big factor is age. People over 40 are running a higher risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes

Other causes of diabetes or probable factors that will grow the chance of getting it

  • Stress and Anxiety can cause it or stimulates the already existing sensitivity to developing Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Unbalanced diet with too much sugar, carbohydrates, fats and/or proteins
  • No or very little physical exercise
  • Nutritional deficiency this occurs when the nutrients you eat and drink are consistently below what is normally needed
  • Influences of other hormones especially another one called glucagon also from the Pancreas which has more or less the opposite effect of insulin
  • An infection caused by bacteria or viruses or toxins which damage the pancreas
  • A specific disease that hinders or stops the proper functioning of the pancreas

Ethnic susceptibility

Diabetes in general is more common in African Americans, Aborigines, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders. This also means they run a higher risk in developing pre diabetes of course

Causes of gestational diabetes

It is not clear why some women do get gestational diabetes and some don't. But you seem to run a higher risk if you:

  • Have a family history of diabetes, the gestational type or other
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Have already given birth to a large baby (heavier than 9lb 14/4.5 kg)
  • Already once had a stillbirth
  • Have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Natural remedies for diabetes

Next you'll find some powerful and effective natural remedies for diabetes. Many people have incorporated them into their diabetes management plan and got some astounding results. Carefully find the one that might do the trick for you

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If you want to know more about causes of diabetes or diabetes in general then you might pay a visit to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) or the Joslin Diabetes Center

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