What is Eczema
 or Dermatitis
home remedies

What is Eczema or Dermatitis exactly? Eczema is a persistent skin condition also called dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. This means constant or regularly returning skin dryness and skin rashes. Where dermatitis is an acute version of this skin condition, eczema is considered a chronic one

Everybody can get it and especially babies are vulnerable to it. However between the ages of 2 to 5 many of them will have grown out of it

In babies the itching and the rash can start oozing and crusting mostly on the face and scalp. But patches can show up anywhere, on the face, neck or on the arms and legs, on hands and feet

By the time they are 16 years old 75% will be eczema free. On the other hand there is a group of people for which it will remain a chronic and always returning part of their lives

It can be an extremely frustrating condition partly because it is sometimes very difficult to treat. The natural urge to scratch or rub the affected skin doesn't make it much easier either. Treating eczema or dermatitis is always a slow process and you're never sure if it will be totally effective

These home remedies for eczema however are proven to be very powerful and helped many people before you

What is eczema/ dermatitis
Types of eczema/ dermatitis

There are many different types of eczema/ dermatitis but the most common one and the one people usually mean when talking about eczema is called atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis

Atopic means that you are hypersensitive to certain allergens. In this case it means that it is an allergic reaction from parts of your body that are not directly in contact with what is causing the reaction

You can inherit it from your parents and it seems to run in families where people also suffer from hay fever and asthma which are also atopic. Your environment also plays a role in if orto what extent the eczema will show up on you

Other less common eczema types are:

  • Contact dermatitis - There are 2 varieties: allergic (delayed allergic reaction to an allergen like poison oak or nickel) or irritant (from a direct reaction to a detergent)

  • Xerotic eczema - Normal dry skin that becomes more serious and turns into eczema

  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis - Also called "cradle cap" in babies is a eczema condition closely related to dandruff

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